What Is An Applicant Tracking System (ATS)?

Commonly referred to as an ATS, this products provide a central applicant database, set of processes and collaboration tools to help employers manage recruitment and hiring efforts. From providing applicants a way to apply to jobs online to managing and tracking interview processes, think of applicant tracking systems as supply chain software for hiring.

Applicant tracking systems are also referred to as: ATS, applicant tracking software, hiring software, recruiting software.

There Are Two Types Of Applicant Tracking Systems

For Employers

Technology designed for HR and recruiting departments to manage and organize internal hiring processes. (Newton is for employers not recruiting agencies).

For Recruiting Companies

Technology used by recruiting agencies, executive search firms, and staffing agencies to manage external recruiting projects.

Newton is designed for HR, employers and internal recruiting teams. It’s common for people to use the terms, “applicant tracking system” and “recruiting software” interchangeably, but there are two distinct types of platforms.

Modern Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) Are In The Cloud

Software as a Service (SaaS) applications, also known as cloud-based applications, are products hosted and managed in a datacenter, paid for on a subscription basis and accessed via browser or mobile device over an internet connection. For employers, there are many benefits to be had from adopting the SaaS / cloud model including:

No Maintenance

Cloud-based applicant tracking systems like Newton require very little initial and on-going IT support. Once Newton is up and running, our team provides fast, free technical support.


As your needs grow and you need to add more Administrative users, you can adjust your monthly subscription as required. Scale up and down depending on your needs.

Constant Upgrades

Applicant tracking systems like Newton are updated automatically at least 8 times a year. Updates are pushed to employers in real-time keeping your ATS perpetually current.


A browser and an internet connection is all that’s required to access a SaaS application like Newton which can therefore be made available on a wide range of desktop and mobile devices.

Newton is designed for HR, employers and internal recruiting teams. It’s common for people to use the terms, “applicant tracking system” and “recruiting software” interchangeably, but there are two distinct types of platforms.

Trending In The Applicant Tracking System (ATS) World

Responsive is the New Mobile

When an ATS vendor says their platform can be accessed on a mobile device, they mean that their product can be viewed on a mobile device, but it doesn’t mean that it works well without being frustrating and slow. New responsive design understands what screen size is being used to access the product. With responsive products like Newton, users never have to download or sign in to a separate app to use while on the go.

Hiring Manager Collaboration

Modern applicant tracking systems like Newton are easy-to-use and operate on any device encouraging managers to make decisions, share notes and provide interview feedback online. Smart products like Newton even have features that allow managers to participate in the recruiting process without logging into the Applicant Tracking System.

Recruiting Dashboards

Unfortunately, until recently, applicant tracking systems weren’t much to look at. Worse, most systems continue to be designed by engineers and product managers that don’t understand recruiting. However, systems like Newton are designed by people that know recruiting. The results are easy-to-read dashboards that serve as air-traffic control for recruiting programs and analytics dashboard that empower users to view data related to recruiting performance at-a-glance.

Live Customer Support

Let’s face it, if you are interested in an applicant tracking system, you’re not going to leave hiring to chance. So would you buy a product that doesn’t offer live support? No. We deal with sensitive matters in recruiting that can’t be left to chance. Smart vendors like Newton offer fast, free, friendly US-based support.

These days you can choose an ATS with every feature known to man. Focus on what’s important. Smart employers realize that the easiest way to hire better people is to simplify the recruiting process.

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