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  • Onboarding ROI Calculator
    Are you losing time and money to manual onboarding processes? Find out with our ROI calculator!
  • 13 Signs of Inefficient Recruiting
    Are you plagued by inefficient recruiting processes? Here are the 13 signs that it’s time for...
  • 7 Steps to Increase Application Rates
    Want to improve the candidate experience of your job application and drive more candidates to apply?...
  • Is Your Application Scaring Away Candidates?
    Is the candidate experience of your online job application scaring candidates away? Find out here!
  • Applicant Flow Log Example
    Maintain compliant hiring practices with Newton's applicant flow log example.
  • Hiring Manager Intake Form
    Improve your recruiting strategy with the hiring manager intake form.
  • What Size ATS Should I Buy?
    We break down the ATS market through the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.
  • Newton's Ultimate Recruiting Metrics Spreadsheet
    Tracking your recruiting performance is hard without an ATS. To help, we created the ultimate recruiting...
  • Applicant Tracking System ROI Calculator
    Manual recruiting processes costing your company time & money? Calculate your applicant tracking system ROI and...
  • Guide to Lean Hiring eBook
    Learn how to streamline your recruiting practices with Newton's guide to lean hiring eBook.
  • Ideal Candidate Journey eBook
    For the modern job seeker, candidate experience is more important than ever. Follow our guide to...
  • What Is an Applicant Tracking System?

  • ATS Analyst Report eBook
    In an independent study conducted by Aptitude Research Partners, Newton's applicant tracking system earns top marks...
  • How To Hire a Recruiter
    Our guide to hiring top recruiters, complete with personality assessments and key interview questions.
  • Applicant Tracking System Buying Guide
    Choosing the right ATS can be challenging. Reference our buying guide to know what you should...
  • Guide to Mobile Recruiting eBook
    9 in 10 job seekers use mobile devices in their job search. Learn how to engage...
  • Choosing the Right ATS Infographic
    Not sure which applicant tracking system is right for your organization? Follow Newton's 8-step guide to...
  • Mobile Recruiting Infographic
    Job seekers are now predominantly mobile. In this infographic, learn how you can utilize mobile recruiting...
  • What Is a Responsive Applicant Tracking...
    A responsive Applicant Tracking System is one that works on any device- laptop, tablet, or mobile...
  • What Traits a Recruiter Should Have
    In this eBook, we share what we look for when hiring top recruiters.
  • Guide to Lean Hiring Infographic
    Are you bogged down by inefficient recruiting processes? Download Newton's 3-step infographic for lean hiring.
  • 5 Steps to Closing Top Candidates
    Learn Newton's 5 tricks for guaranteeing that you close top candidates during the offer stage.
  • Boost Your Offer Acceptance Rates!
    Losing candidates in the offer stage is one of the costliest pitfalls in recruiting. Follow our...
  • Inside Look at an OFCCP Audit
    Director of HR and long-time Newton user, Sherm Conger, shares his first-hand experience (and secrets for)...
  • How to Choose a Compliant ATS
    Choosing the right ATS will protect you from EEOC / OFCCP violations. In this infographic, we...
  • Ultimate OFCCP Compliance Guide
    As a federal contractor, maintaining OFCCP compliance is hard. Follow Newton's guide to ensure that your...
  • Measure Your Recruiting Compliance
    Would you pass an audit by the EEOC or OFCCP? Answer these 10 questions to find...
  • Recruiting the Modern Job Seeker
    In this webinar, Newton Co-founder, Joel Passen, discusses how to navigate the intersection of talent and...
  • Top Background Checks for Employers
    In this Webinar, co-hosted by GoodHire, we discuss how to create an FCRA compliant background check...
  • How to Hire a Successful Recruiter
    Looking to hire a recruiter and grow your team? Watch this webinar for insider tips including...
  • Creating the Ideal Candidate Journey
    In this webinar, learn how you can optimize your application process to create the ideal candidate...
  • Closing Top Job Candidates
    In this webinar, Newton co-founder, Joel Passen, discusses the 5 secrets for maintaining a 95% candidate...
  • Recruitment Compliance Webinar
    Newton co-founder, Joel Passen, discusses the top factors that you must consider when building a compliant...
  • The State of Mobile Recruiting
    Recruiting is now mobile. Watch this webinar and learn what it takes to create a mobile...
  • Mobile Recruiting Promotes Diversity
    Mobile recruiting has major implications for EEOC and OFCCP compliance.
  • 6 Rules For Mobile Recruiting
    Follow these 6 rules to start engaging with mobile job seekers today.
  • The Case for Simple Applications
    Research shows that complexity in the application process creates a poor candidate experience.
  • Why You Need Mobile Recruiting
    In recruiting, to engage and attract top candidates, a mobile strategy is now a must-have.
  • The Scoop on HR Certifications
    An HR veteran offers her insights around HR certifications and their value in her career.
  • The Ideal Length of Job Applications
    How much time are candidates willing to spend filling out your application? It's less time than...
  • HR Tech in the Cloud
    A recent PwC study found that HR Tech is moving to the cloud at rapid rates.
  • Gender Bias in Job Descriptions
    Are your job descriptions sexist? Studies show that they can be.
  • True Cost of a Bad Hire
    Sure, a bad hire hurts but how much do they really cost your organization?
  • The Real Value of HR Certifications
    Is the value of HR certifications, certified? Should you go with SHRM or HRCI?
  • The Perfect Job Description Template
    Struggling to write effective job descriptions? Use our template as your guide.
  • 5 Secrets to Closing Top Candidates
    Follow these 5 tricks to guarantee that you close top candidates every time.
  • Top Traits of a Great Recruiter
    We discuss the 3 key traits that make up every great recruiter.
  • How To Write Killer Recruiting Emails
    Newton's 10 tips for writing recruiting emails that drive candidate engagement.
  • Hiring Managers & Recruiting Success
    A recent Deloitte study found that hiring manager involvement is the #1 key for successful hiring.
  • The 5 Most Common Background Checks
    We discuss the 5 most common background checks used by employers for employment screening.
  • 5 Factors for FCRA Background Checks
    Considering employment screening options? Learn the 5 factors for FCRA compliant background checks.
  • OFCCP Compliance Guide
    Are you a federal contractor? Follow this guide to steer clear of any fines or violations.
  • Choosing a Compliant ATS
    Newton's guide to choosing an ATS that ensures you are compliant with EEOC and OFCCP regulations.
  • Applicant Flow Data & OFCCP
    Tracking applicant flow data is essential for OFCCP compliance. Learn how to do so at your...