Newton is a user-friendly, mobile ready, fully-featured applicant tracking system for small and medium-sized employers.

Smart Recruiting Workflow

Recruiting workflows that drive decisions. Green is go. Red is no.™

recruiting workflow

One of the core advantages that sets Newton apart from other recruiting software is that Newton is designed to work the way that recruiting works. As the brainchild of former corporate recruiters, Newton is smart and intuitive. It has recruiting knowledge built in so you’ll be able to use Newton from day one with very little customization.

Green is go. Red is no.TM In between is a flexible process that works for just about every company on the planet. Skip ahead or move an applicant back in your process, Newton is flexible and is designed to be like hiring – dynamic.

Smart alerts trigger action and encourage decision making. Best of all, Newton keeps the process simple. No hassles, no confusion and nothing new to learn.