Newton is a user-friendly, mobile ready, fully-featured applicant tracking system for small and medium-sized employers.

Employee Onboarding Software

Have the ideal employee onboarding process, making you the employer of choice


Our employee onboarding software is a web-based product that makes both your new hires and human resources professionals efficient and productive by removing the paper forms from the onboarding process. A candidate’s experience early on with any employer has a direct impact on their ramp to productivity and longer term, their performance. Employers are looking to deliver a seamless journey from job offer to an employee’s first day. And, HR is looking to streamline processes that are often inconsistent, inefficient and mired in paper.

Like the rest of the Newton experience, the new hire software portal is fully optimized for mobile devices. This means that the employee onboarding process can happen, any time, anywhere, on any device. Both employer and employee can track their progress as they work through the new hire process.

Onboarding is fully integrated with Newton, our ATS. Candidate data moves seamlessly and securely without complex integrations or maintenance. Flip the switch and go. Employers set up customized onboarding process steps based on locations, job groups, departments, and more.

Included with the employee onboarding tools is a compliance engine that makes sure you don’t have to manually collect reports ever again. When the new hire process is completed, information such as zip codes, tax withholding forms, and employee verification forms are pre-populated and instantly available to you.

The employee onboarding process is customized for you, ensuring that new hires are completing your company documents and forms as well as any other information you might need to collect. Of course, just like our ATS, our employee onboarding software is incredibly secure, protecting sensitive information from the outside world.