Newton is a user-friendly, mobile ready, fully-featured applicant tracking system for small and medium-sized employers.

Interview Scheduling Software

An Interview scheduling assistant at your fingertips.

Interview Scheduling

Packed with innovative, reliable functionality, Newton’s Interviewing Scheduling tools are the most modern and deeply integrated in the applicant tracking industry. Customers won’t be forced to use a third party tool or integrated partner to schedule interviews. Set up is easy and requires little IT support.

Featuring seamless integrations with MS Outlook and Gmail, Newton Interview Scheduling provides next-level efficiency and communication tools for employers. The integrated calendar functionality also serves as a springboard and platform for more powerful interview management features that allow employers to capture quantitative and qualitative interview feedback empowering employers to drive the decisions that drive hiring.

Here’s how Newton’s Interview Scheduling Tools work.

Check “free / busy”
Assemble your team and check “free / busy” from one screen. With Newton Interview Scheduling, employers will easily schedule interviews without leaving the platform.

Invite your team
Once the interview team is assembled, send the invites right from Newton. Use customizable email templates so interviewers will have the appropriate resume, documents and any special instructions for the interview in the invitation.

Invite your candidate
Employers keep recruiting communications tight and consistent with Newton! Send candidates on-brand email invitations to confirm interviews. Get more efficient. Users choose email templates that auto-fill the name of the interviewers, their titles and any special instructions or directions designed to prepare and confirm the candidate for the interview. Remember, a well prepared candidate is one of the keys to smart interviewing.

Confirm and reschedule
When schedulers are finished scheduling and sending the invites, Newton will inform users who has confirmed the interviews. Smart alerts are easily configured to warn interview schedulers if an interviewer has not confirmed an interview or needs to reschedule. And, if someone needs to reschedule, Newton will assist the you with rescheduling without starting from scratch.