Newton is a user-friendly, mobile ready, fully-featured applicant tracking system for small and medium-sized employers.

Newton for Hiring Managers

Hiring managers love Newton: Green is go. Red is no.TM

hiring managers
Designed by recruiting professionals, Newton provides automation, transparency, and data to hiring managers so they can make decisions and collaborate quickly and effortlessly. With Newton, recruiting becomes a part of hiring managers’ daily routines with little to no training.

We understand that hiring managers aren’t always the first to embrace applicant tracking systems. That’s why we build features like Newton Echo specifically for managers and executives. With Echo people can change the status of candidates, capture interview feedback, and approve jobs and offers using email—no login required. Newton Echo is the simple and smart answer to busy hiring managers and executives that don’t have time to log in to their applicant tracking systems. With Echo, your managers keep the recruiting system up-to-date just by responding to email.

Newton is designed to give your team unparalleled visibility into your recruiting program with easy to read recruiting dashboards that serve as air-traffic control for hiring. Managers can view talent pipelines for their specific jobs and view analytics that promote collaboration and accountability. Newton even has task management features for hiring managers so nothing slips through the cracks.

With Newton, hiring managers have unparalleled access to recruiting data. Newton is completely optimized for use on any smartphone, tablet and computer making mobile recruiting a reality. Newton’s responsive design understands what screen size is being used to access the product and automatically provides context and will appropriately juxtapose the right data being displayed, with the right controls, on any device, browser or platform, all the time – fast!