Newton is a user-friendly, mobile ready, fully-featured applicant tracking system for small and medium-sized employers.

Cloud Apply

A user friendly tool to help applicants apply to employer’s jobs.

cloud apply

It’s undeniable; today’s workers are mobile. Whether you’re a mid-market manufacturing company or in the healthcare business, it’s inevitable that job seekers want to access your careers website and apply to job openings from smartphones and tablets. Until recently, many popular mobile devices have lacked a sufficient filesystem (storage) to store applicants’ resumes. However, this barrier is quickly eroding with the nearly ubiquitous adoption of personal cloud-based storage services like Google Drive and Dropbox.

Cloud Apply from Newton represents the latest trend in the recruiting technology industry. Cloud Apply lives on employers’ careers pages and empowers job seekers to submit resumes stored in cloud services or on a computer. Job seekers can use any device or computer they choose to complete the job application process and will be impressed with how simple the process is. Employers using Newton’s Cloud Apply benefit from higher applicant conversion rates and by receiving more accurate, more complete information from applicants.

Cloud Apply used in conjunction with Newton’s ZenApps and Resume Parsing tools create a win-win for employers and applicants alike.