Newton is a User-Friendly, Mobile Ready, Fully-Featured Applicant Tracking System.

Kevin Gunn

Director of Talent Acquisition

“Newton remains one of my key strategic partners. Designed by Recruiters, they’ve created a system that is intuitive to candidates, customizable and innovative for Recruiters, and easy to navigate for our Hiring Managers. They’re extremely agile, creative, and responsive. Features that I’ve suggested in the past have actually shown up on future release changes and they’re consistently adding new features that continue to make this an invaluable tool.”

Leanne C. Smith

Manager of Employment

"My experience with Newton has allowed me to organize and track applicant flow and communication channels in a fast pace environment. The Hiring Managers I support are in the field and with Newton they have a tool to connect to the process and easily able to review the progress of their positions / candidates at any time."

Newton is easy-to-use, easy-to-purchase, and easy-to-activate. Plus, we provide fast, friendly, and U.S. based service that is always free.

Fast, Friendly Support

Newton is built by recruiters. This means that every feature is built with a purpose and we are at the front line of ATS innovation.

Constantly Innovating

Best-in-class EEO / OFCCP compliance functionality is built into Newton providing employers with best practices to stay safe.

Compliance and Safe Hiring

Newton is a cloud-based system that is easy-to-use, and requires little IT training to get started. It has smart tools that empower employers to manage every stage of the hiring process.

Simple, Smart Recruiting

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Newton is specifically designed for employers with between 30 and 5000 employees. Our hiring software is completely cloud-based and universally optimized to work on any smartphone, tablet, operating system and browser with nothing to install or download. Getting started is easy and requires little training or IT support.

Our idea: Create a fair, simple, and transparent system that makes sense. Newton is designed to work the way recruiting works. Logical workflows and powerful features help employers drive the decisions that drive hiring.

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