Email Templates for Recruiters

Newton is the only ATS that comes with over 90 expertly written recruiting emails so your team can hit the ground running. Create your own and share them with your team!

How Email Templates help your team automate your hiring process

Add time back to your day by recruiting via email and create the ideal candidate experience.



  • Increase efficiency
  • Improve Communications
  • Reduce errors

HR Directors

  • Better Candidate Experience
  • Maintain consistency
  • Control messaging


  • Consistent branding
  • Maximize ROI
  • Centralize communications


Newton Software’s email templates and hiring automation features simplify the recruitment process. Recruiters can increase efficiency, improve communications and reduce errors. HR Directors can rest easy knowing a better and more consistent candidate experience is being used through controlled messaging. Executives can make sure ROI is maximized through consistent and centralized communications.

Hiring Email Templates & Automation Feature Highlights

Your personal assistant

Newton’s recruitment letter templates is like having a recruiting assistant at your fingertips. These are true recruiting email examples built right into Newton for your use.  Add, edit, and remove templates in Newton and then use the drag and drop email helper to send emails directly from the system. Emails look like you have sent them from your primary email client and all the tools are set up without any support from IT.

Personalized AI driven emails

Newton knows what stage every candidate is in at any moment. When you are passing on candidates, Newton will help choose what template to send, what signature to use, and allow you to auto-delay communications easily. Choose from dozens of tokens and Newton will pre-populate things like names, jobs, locations, etc. The Candidate will receive what looks like a hand-written email that corresponds to the appropriate stage of the recruiting process.

Elevate your brand

Whether you’re sending a reminder email to a hiring manager or an interview confirmation to a candidate, emails sent from Newton are always polished and look as though they’ve been sent directly from your inbox. You can always preview exactly what the recipient will see so you’ll have the confidence to communicate within the system every time and significantly reduce errors that reflect poorly on your company.

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