Hiring & Recruiting Dashboards

Newton’s job recruitment and hiring dashboards answer the most frequently asked questions from candidate pipelines to job and offer approvals and other key recruiting analytics.

How it helps your team

Newton’s recruiting dashboards ensure nothing slips through the cracks during the hiring process.



  • Answers at your fingertips
  • Prove your effort
  • Easy report building

HR Directors

  • Detect bottlenecks
  • Discover opportunities
  • Always up-to-date


  • Make data-driven decisions
  • Spot trends
  • Improve ROI

Recruiting and Hiring Dashboard Feature Highlights

Newton’s dashboards for hiring are designed to give you the most critical information you need, every time you log in. Whether you are concerned with candidate inflows and outflows or understanding what your top sources are, it’s all front and center.

Real-time answers

Starting right from your homepage, Newton presents an easy-to-read dashboards for recruiters that serves as air traffic control for your entire recruiting program. Your team can log in and track status of any job in real-time. Newton comes standard with intuitive dashboards that allow you to monitor timely processes like job and offer approvals, background checks, recruiting KPIs, and more. Drill into areas of interest to investigate bottlenecks and discover opportunities.

Task management with visual queues

Dashboards can serve as task managers for busy recruiters and hiring managers. Rather than sifting through detailed reports and emails your employees can see at a glance what is on their plate at that moment and get to work.

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