Mobile Recruiting Tools

Recruit from anywhere with Newton’s mobile recruiting tools. Use your laptop, phone, or tablet with no app to download!

How it helps your team

No more being tethered to your laptop or an inferior app.



  • Recruit on the go
  • Access to everything
  • No pinch or zoom

Hiring Managers

  • No login required
  • Say yes between meetings
  • Hire faster

HR Directors

  • Mobile hiring dashboards
  • Up to the minute reports
  • Keep tabs from anywhere

Mobile Recruiting Tools Feature Highlights

Optimized for speed

Not only is Newton the only responsively designed ATS on the market it’s also the fastest. It’s a fact that your phone is not as powerful as your laptop so we made sure you could access the full Newton, from your laptop or even the slowest smartphone. We’ve truly enabled mobile job recruitment.

Optimized for mobile

Zooming and pinching is a pain. Newton recognizes what device you use and changes the layout to give you the best experience possible. Candidates, resumes, feedback, reports, and dashboards are all available from any device you choose to use. Recruitment online shouldn’t have to happen on a big screen.

No app to download

Most Applicant Tracking Systems aren’t mobile, and if they claim to be it’s because they created an app that doesn’t do everything. Newton’s team of developers works on one product, Newton, not 2 or 3 like our competitors. That means your experience will always be the best one on any device. Don’t settle for a forgotten app with a singular purpose. Use Newton wherever you want and know we are working around the clock to always be improving.

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