New Employee Onboarding Software

Our new hire onboarding system accelerates productivity for both new hires and your HR team by eliminating manual processes and paper forms.

How Newton helps you onboard new employees

Save your HR departments countless hours and ensure compliance and accuracy when onboarding new employees.



  • Improves close rates
  • Increases efficiency
  • Better new-hire experience

HR Directors

  • Eliminate manual processes
  • Ensure compliance
  • Enhance employment brand


  • Accelerate productivity
  • Promotes automation
  • Reduces errors



With Newton’s employee onboarding software, Recruiters are able to increase efficiency and ensure that candidates they bring in are seamlessly transitioned to new hires. Not to mention, your great candidate experience gets extended through to post-hire activities.

HR Directors

HR leaders and their teams save time by eliminating manual processes and paperwork. Digital onboarding can be initiated automatically from Newton and workflows can be customized to include the appropriate forms and documents. Members of your team and the new hire automatically receive alerts instructing them of action items that need to be completed and compliance functionality keeps your team safe.


With new hire onboarding software, Executives can increase efficiency and help the bottom line. Immediately save time and money lost to manual paperwork processes with automated, digital workflows. Increase new hire retention by setting your hires up for success from day one.

New Employee Onboarding Software Feature Highlights

What is Employee Onboarding?

The employee onboarding process is the act of transferring new-hire information from an Applicant Tracking System into an HRIS/Payroll system through an HR onboarding system. Our employee onboarding software for new-hires allow you to upload documentation such as tax forms, policy documents, and direct deposit where the information is captured, stored, and merged with the new-hire record in preparation for their first day.

Seamless connection to Newton ATS

You can immediately launch automated onboarding from within Newton(our ATS solution) and our employee onboarding tool will send out notifications to the appropriate HR person. Choose a customized process to send your new hires the right forms and documents to complete based on job type, location, FLSA status or whatever you choose. No need for complex and costly IT integrations or third party products.

Onboard from anywhere

Like with Newton, new hires enjoy a mobile-optimized experience, making it convenient to complete the process anywhere and anytime. Easy self-service functionality enables new hires to pick up tasks where they left off so they can complete the process in stages.


Compliance is built in

Get the benefit of a compliance engine built into the product. Newton’s onboarding product has over 140 government compliance forms built-in including Federal, State and Local W4 or tax withholding forms. These forms are automatically updated as regulations change. State and Local tax withholding forms are determined automatically based on new hire’s residential and work location.

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