Job and Offer Approval Processes

Our job & offer approval processes are fully customizable, can be email-driven, and provide the visibility, control, and exception management that employers need to grow quickly.

How it helps your team

Create, manage, and approve jobs & offers quickly.



  • Improved Task Management
  • Clear requirements
  • Increased visibility

HR Director

  • Advanced Position Control
  • Bird’s eye view
  • Approval Management


  • Error Reduction
  • User Friendly Input
  • Exception management


Easily manage job and offers approvals across your team. Recruiters can send out approval requests directly from the system. Hiring managers and executives can easily approve or deny from their email without ever logging into the system. Intuitive dashboards promote accountability across your entire team and customizable workflows give you the flexibility you need.

Approval Workflow Feature Highlights

Approving job offers is a breeze with Newton. We’ve built smart features into our job offer approval tools that allow you to make getting an employment offer approval simple, often without even logging in!

Approvals with no login required

At Newton we’re always looking for innovative ways to engage users. Newton Echo is our answer to the ever-present problem of busy hiring managers and executives that don’t have time to log in to their applicant tracking systems. With Echo, your managers and executives can approve or deny job and offer approvals by simply responding to an email sent to their everyday inbox – no login required.

Dashboards promote accountability

Smart dashboards allow you to track your jobs and offers through each stage of the process. Smart alerts remind users in-app as well as via email when an event or task needs their attention. This unique visibility into your key processes translates to increased accountability, process efficiency, and improvement.

Fully custom or templated

Having used complicated, rigid tools in the past ourselves, we felt it was time to revamp approval processes. Whether you need custom sequential or all-at-once processes, Newton helps you create approval flows that are easy and effective. Recruiters, Hiring Managers, and Executives can have as much control and visibility they need, to effectively manage the business end of recruiting.

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