Interview Scorecards for Candidate Evaluations

Newton’s Interview Scorecards improve new hire quality by capturing quantitative and qualitative feedback from your interview teams to create a hiring “Batting Average.”

How it helps your team

Interview rubrics and scorecards help you build the best interview teams and predict the best hires



  • Improve interview skills
  • Accelerate decision making
  • Avoid analysis paralysis

HR Directors

  • Promote consistency
  • Reduce bias
  • Drive data based decisions


  • Improve productivity
  • Reduce turnover
  • Maximize ROI

Interview Rubrics and Scorecard Feature Highlights

Candidate evaluations should be as objective as possible. With Newton’s scorecards you can do away with feedback like “Her resume was well formatted” that doesn’t help you hire.

What is an interview scorecard?

An interview scorecard is a tool to help you more objectively measure every candidate your team interviews. An interview scorecard defines the most important characteristics a candidate should be evaluated for and gives a consistent format for how your team rates each candidate. This data can be used to make hiring decisions as well as improve your hiring and predict successful hires.

Organizations spend 70% of their operating budgets on talent acquisition-related expenses, it’s astonishing how rare it is for organizations to measure the success of interviewers in their ability to select the right talent. With Newton, you’ll have the tools to measure hiring managers, interviewers, and recruiters who are statistically prone to making the best hiring decisions.

Built-in templates or fully custom

Bring over your existing process or work with your team to create a new strategy all your own. Newton’s Interview Scorecards are the most configurable in the business. We’ve worked with hiring experts and psychologists to develop interview kits with built in best practices from top recruiters at successful companies to use as templates or simply to draw inspiration from.

User friendly and mobile first

With Newton, interviewers and hiring managers don’t even need to login to submit feedback on candidates. Smart email alerts will prompt and remind interviewers to submit scorecards. Feedback surveys are designed to be mobile first – no special apps to install or download so you can recruit and hire from anywhere!

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