Background Check Software for Hiring

Newton’s integrations with leading background screening partners shifts collection of sensitive data from your company and moves the responsibility to the experts.

How Newton’s Background Check Software Helps Your Team

Never collect a release form or handle sensitive data in your email again.



  • Improve Quality
  • Eliminate paperwork
  • Reduce time to fill

HR Directors

  • Ensure Privacy
  • Ensure Security
  • Promote consistency


  • Protect the Brand
  • Maintain compliance
  • Promote accountability


With Newton’s Background Check Integrations, Recruiters can eliminate unnecessary paperwork and track the entire process from one centralized location. HR Directors and Executives can shift the collection of sensitive data to the experts to ensure compliance while also promoting consistency across their team and candidates.

Background Verification Feature Highlights

Improve turnaround times

Increasing visibility and accountability, Newton audits the entire background check process and provides real-time status for every background check requested, started, and completed (or not completed). Newton’s customers never lose a background check or need to wonder about the status of a screen.

Eliminate paperwork

Our preferred partners connect with Newton seamlessly through our APIs, eliminating the need for you to collect consent and release forms manually or have applicants fill out paperwork before you even interview them. Running background checks and criminal history verifications online reduce your risk while also eliminating manual errors and secure paper storage.

Ensure compliance and security

With Newton, you’ll shift the collection of sensitive data, such as employee criminal history, from your company to the experts – background check providers. When results are returned to you through Newton, they are password protected so only the appropriate people can review the reports. Candidates are automatically given a login to retrieve notices and consent forms, ensuring compliance of all laws pertaining to background checks and criminal history verification.

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