Recruiting Tools for Hiring Managers

Applicant tracking systems fail when recruiting teams can’t get managers engaged. That’s why we built Newton to be used from any device, anywhere, and give feedback without a login.

How Newton’s Hiring Manager Tools Helps Your Team

Newton’s recruiting tools improves adoption on day one. No more bottlenecks.



  • Faster turnaround
  • Smart alerts
  • More collaboration

HR Directors

  • High engagement rates
  • Fewer bottlenecks
  • Little training required


  • Adoption creates instant ROI
  • Reduced time to train
  • Increased collaboration


Because Newton was built with hiring managers in mind, your entire team benefits. Recruiters can utilize smart alerts to promote collaboration with hiring managers and drive faster turnaround times. For HR Directors and Executives, getting teams trained on the system is a breeze and Newton boasts the highest hiring manager adoption rates in the industry.

Hiring Managers Recruiting Tools Feature Highlights

No login required

At Newton we’re always looking to make hiring easier. Newton Echo is the simple answer to busy hiring managers and executives that don’t have time to log in to their applicant tracking systems. With Echo, your team gets the hiring manager tools they need to keep the recruitment management system up-to-date just by responding to email. Simple tasks should only take seconds. With Echo, people can change the status of candidates, capture interview feedback, and approve jobs and offers using email.
No login required.

Improved adoption rates

Our founders are former corporate recruiters who created Newton with a combined 50 years of recruiting knowledge built in, so you’ll be able to use Newton from day one with very little customization. Newton is a true hiring management system, flexible, and designed to be like hiring – dynamic. Green is go. Red is no.™ Smart alerts trigger action and encourage decision making. Best of all, Newton keeps the process simple. No hassles, no confusion and nothing new to learn.

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