Social Recruiting and Employment Referral Tools

Reward your employees for referrals with a fast, mobile-first, easy-to-use social recruiting tool for sharing job openings with their personal networks.

How Social and Employee referrals help your team hire vetted candidates

Reach passive candidates, promote your brand on social media, track your success with our social recruiting and employee referral tools.



  • Attract qualified candidates
  • Expand your reach
  • Increase efficiency

HR Directors

  • Build employment brand
  • Engage employees
  • Reduce costs


  • Fill jobs faster
  • Improve hiring ROI
  • Reduce turnover


With Newton’s Employee Referral Program and social recruiting tools, we make it easy to optimize hiring efforts across your team. Recruiters can immediately tap into current employees to expand reach and attract high-quality candidates. HR Directors and Executives can improve hiring ROI while boosting employer brand.

Employee Referrals and Social Media Recruiting Highlights

Expand your reach

Employee referrals save you time and money and passive candidates are often the most highly desirable ones. Newton’s employee referral tools allow employees to broadcast job openings to their personal networks on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter all from their mobile phone without having to download a special app.

Gamify hiring

The hallmark of a successful employee referral program is engagement. With Newton, a social recruiting tool can be fun! Employees earn points when referrals apply and when they are hired. Your team earns points and recognition with a leaderboard. Set your own point system, attach rewards to specific jobs, and see your hiring rate skyrocket.

Endorse referrals privately

When referrals apply the original referral source can vouch for applicants and the response will be securely stored in Newton so that only approved members of your HR team can review it privately. Providing your team context behind the referral saves teams time and energy when interviewing employee referrals.

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