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Agency Manager

Newton’s Agency Manager is a ready-to-use solution that will help you manage applicants submitted by recruiting firms and staffing agencies.

How it helps your team

Stay organized, streamline hiring processes, control spend, and enforce compliance.

HR Directors

  • Receive candidates directly
  • Control agency permissions
  • Manage representation


  • Streamline processes
  • Control spend
  • Gain insights


  • Easy resume submission
  • Candidate dashboards
  • Privacy & security settings

Agency Manager Feature Highlights

Working with recruitment agencies has never been this easy. Use Agency Manager to invite recruitment agencies you work with to Newton, receive candidates from them directly in our system, easily make representation decisions, and report on performance.

What Does Agency Manager Do?

  • Invite recruitment agencies to join Newton
  • Specify which jobs agencies can access
  • Immediately identify agency submitted candidates
  • Easily manage representation decisions
  • Report on ROI of your agency partners

From Manual Hiring to Automated and Under Control

Managing outside recruiting firms with email and spreadsheets is time-consuming and risky. You need to be able to partner with your agencies and manage their employment candidate submissions effectively. With our third-party recruiting agency portal, you will get your partners under control and free up valuable time to focus on what matters most to your business while avoiding risks and maintaining compliance.

Effortlessly Manage Your Recruitment Agencies

First, add your most valuable agencies to your Approved Agencies List. Then, using our recruitment agency database software, specify which of your approved agencies, if any, have the rights to view and submit candidates. Agencies can’t view or submit candidates to any jobs which you have not approved them for.

Grant or Deny Representation of Candidates to Agencies

When an agency submits a candidate to your account, only users with the right permissions can see them. Use our recruiting agency tools to grant or deny agency representation with the click of a button and agencies are automatically notified of your decision. If a candidate is already in your Newton account, duplicates are automatically flagged, allowing you to avoid paying unnecessary agency fees.

Treat Your Agencies Like Partners

Your recruiting agency partners will easily submit candidates with a drag-and-drop resume submission. Once candidates have been submitted through Newton, agents are provided with a dashboard to track their candidates through your hiring stages via an intuitive dashboard. Agencies will have the piece of mind that no other agency will ever be able to view their data. No more wasted time spent on calls with recruiters wondering where their candidate is in the process.

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