Welcome back to our series on exactly what recruiters want and need in recruiting software. In our last post, we explored several themes that really make an ATS valuable for busy recruiters. In this post, we continue with more key features and benefits of an ATS that help your HR team go “pro” and hire the hottest talent in the industry.

If you’re reading this, you’re probably a recruiter, hiring manager, or human resources leader. First, allow us to say we understand how hard you work. The hiring and recruiting industry is incredibly fast-paced and demanding.

It’s never been more important to have a solid recruiting software as part of your hiring strategy.

We look forward to sharing more details on what makes an ATS powerful for your team. In part 2 of this series, we dive deeper into the themes in hiring software that are most important; this is what recruiters *really* want.

Easy for Candidates = Good for Recruiters 

We’ve written about candidate-centric hiring in the past. Creating high-end candidate experiences is the best way to attract and engage top talent. The candidate experience starts with the application, and if it is arduous to apply to your company – a candidate’s first impression is already lowered. 

An ATS platform should not only make a recruiter’s life easier, but it should also make a candidate’s experience easier. One of the best ways to do this is with a convenient job application process. Today, there is no reason for a job application to require time-consuming, tedious activity from a prospective hire. The job market is competitive, so job applications should be as painless as possible, or top talent will apply elsewhere.

Our job seekers have a much easier time with applying for jobs and since our business hires at over 40 locations internationally, having a simple job application process is key… the job listing integrates seamlessly into our company web site. All good! – Newton Customer

Convenient Compiance Features

In the human resources field, ironclad compliance is non-negotiable; however, compliance is complex and time-consuming. So what can recruiters do to stay ahead of the curve in their compliance expertise and knowledge? The best course of action is for HR to invest in an ATS with compliance built-in.

Top recruiting software takes into account all the key components of compliance like privacy and background checks. An ATS that makes the background check process seamless saves recruiting teams tremendous time, and safeguards the entire organization from compliance issues down the road.

“Being able to schedule multiple interviews with individuals or teams through the calendar system is very easy, and the scorecards allow us to see where everyone stands on each candidate. The clone feature on our jobs also makes it easy for my team to create and post jobs with little effort. Integrations are also effective, mixing in DocuSign and my background check company into the system keeps my team from having to jump from site to site to complete their hires. – Newton Customer

While certain aspects of hiring may fade away as technology evolves, compliance will always be a staple part of hiring. Choose hiring software that considers compliance.

Resume Wrangling

Most people loathe the idea of creating and perfecting a resume. For recruiters, managing resumes is a daily task. Prior to advances human resources technology, reviewing resumes was a manual, hours-long task. Today, with the right applicant tracking system, sorting and searching through resumes takes a fraction of the time. With resume parsing, hiring teams can turn a mountain of candidate information into an organized database that can be mined for top talent.

Our recruitment process was totally manual, meaning it was very difficult and time consuming to identify appropriate talent from the huge volume of resumes that were emailed to a central mail box. The benefits of digitizing all resumes, search, scheduling and automated workflows means our recruiters can concentrate on more add-value tasks. – Newton Customer

A resounding piece of feedback about our ATS is how convenient our resume features are. An ATS should streamline resumes, and candidate profiles so recruiters get time back.

Recruiters Know Best

As we reviewed valuable feedback from recruiters, it’s clear convenience and time-savings rule. An ATS should serve as an asset to hiring teams, not another system to handle. Furthermore, recruiters want hiring software that offers candidates what they deserve – an easy application process and compliant hiring.

Stay tuned for the next posts in this series. We’ll share more on what recruiters really want in today’s modern HR industry.


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