Recruiting is one of the most demanding roles available in today’s fast-paced job market. So many industries have a major need for talented candidates. This means recruiters must work overtime to connect quality candidates with their dream jobs.

There are many technology solutions and software platforms available to help recruiters manage the multi-dimensional requirements of their jobs. But not all HR technology hits the mark. The problem is, much of the recruiting solutions available don’t take into account what recruiters really need.

In this series, we’ll be examining what recruiting teams and hiring managers really care about in terms of applicant tracking systems. We gathered these insights from customer feedback and reviews. Let’s take a look at what we learned.

Easy Is Important

Don’t let software speak distract you. Buzzy features and fancy tech do not make a solution automatically the best choice. Of course, having advanced features for the digital era is a must, but software with overly-complicated features can be detrimental to your recruiting efforts.

What makes an ATS truly valuable is how much time it can save. When software is straightforward, simple, and easy to use right from the start, it’s instantly valuable. 

We consistently hear from our users how simple and easy our software is. We’ve spent years perfecting our platform so that it is exactly that: so easy it saves recruiters time from day one. 

I like how all my openings are organized. I can see exactly where I am in the employment process with all my candidates. The website is so easy to use and makes my job much easier! – Newton Customer

When evaluating an ATS pay attention to your initial impressions of the platform. Does it seem easy to use the features? How quickly are you able to add a new job posting or schedule an interview?

Your first impression of an ATS is powerful as it will likely be the same experience for the rest of your team. If the platform feels complicated from the start, that’s a red flag. 

User-Focused Design

Have you ever used a piece of software and felt totally tech-illiterate? The problem wasn’t you, it was the way the software was designed. 

The truth is, software should feel like it was built for you. When technology is built with the user in mind, it’s intuitive and almost-effortless to use.

One of the most important fundamentals of an effective ATS is usability. Usability is defined as: “How well users can learn and use a product to achieve their goals.”

In an ATS, then, usability is all about how well a solution can help recruiters attract, engage, and hire candidates. 

If your applicant tracking software seems like a lot of great features, but it’s not helping your team meet it’s hiring goals, the usability is not on point. 

Your ATS platform should not only be easy to navigate. The optimal ATS will feel like it was built specifically for recruiting and hiring teams. 

Designed to flow in a way that makes sense! Almost whenever I think, “you know what would be great …”, Newton has already thought about it or is thinking about it.” – Newton Customer

One of the top pieces of feedback we receive is regarding the usability of our software. We are a company founded by HR professionals, so we take specific care to ensure our ATS is built with the recruiter in mind.

Organization and Simplification

Often, when companies add a software solution it creates more work. This is obviously not what should happen. When you integrate an ATS into your hiring process it should absolutely relieve repetitive tasks. An ATS should automate manual work and ultimately give a recruiter back time in their day. That’s why it’s critical to find an ATS that provides organization, simplification, and automation. 

Newton has become an integral part of our hiring process and is in use by all departments across the company. Newton has replaced a complete mail and email-based process and has simplified our hiring processes. – Newton Customer 

A resounding piece of feedback about our ATS is how convenient our applicant organization features are. An ATS should streamline applications, resumes, and candidate profiles in one easy to manage platform.

When evaluating any recruiting technology, pay close attention to how well it organizes and streamlines information.

Ease and Convenience Rule in Recruiting

Overall, in our review of customer feedback, the prominent themes were ease of use, convenience, and usability. Technology should enhance your day, not detract from it, and that applies to an ATS.

Stay tuned for the next posts in this series. We’ll share more insights on what features really help recruiters find and hire top talent.


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