We’re back for Part 2, sharing our top 10 strategies for gaining an edge in today’s battleground for the best talent. Check out part 1 here

In our last post, we covered how recruiting software can strengthen your employer brand by improving the candidate experience at every level of the hiring process. We also discussed how talent pools and social recruiting can help you find exactly the new talent you need.

Today, we’ll cover 5 more ways recruiting software can organize your entire recruiting effort – from delegating tasks and centralizing candidate information to helping your team collaborate like clockwork. And that’s especially important when it comes to our next topic: interviews.

Structured Interviews

Interviews with a potential candidate shouldn’t be a free-for-all conversation – each one should be a standardized way to measure whether a person is a qualified fit for the job and your culture. Recruiting software gives you the ability to use rating scorecards and questionnaires tailored to fit each role. This also ensures there’s a centralized place for your hiring team to evaluate all the candidates you’re interviewing.

Hiring is more transparent and objective when applicants are asked the same questions, in the same order. Each applicant has the best chance of showing you their skills when human bias doesn’t get in the way and potentially lead you to a new hire disaster.

Structured interviews also allow you to measure soft skills so that your interviews give you the best chance at seeing the entire applicant – helping you take a more in-depth look at whether they’re the perfect fit for your company.

Bonus: Download our complete structured interview kit here, totally free.

Collaborative Hiring

Team-based hiring is the norm at major companies like Apple, Google, and Intel. Large enterprises are hiring with the whole team in mind. HR is no longer the only voice determining who’s the best fit for a company.

How do you stay organized once you start involving other departments? Recruiting software gives you a standardized and centralized way to rate and rank all of your applicants, giving your hiring team a transparent, easy-to-access tool for evaluating candidates.

Every member involved in the hiring process can easily access the candidate information they need. Recruiting software gives your team the ability to delegate tasks, organize and upload files, and review documents in one location. Each member of the team can stay in the know, working together to find the best fit for the role and the culture.

The result? No more costly hiring bottlenecks. That’s something your stakeholders will be sure to notice.

Employee Referrals

Give your employees a voice in choosing their next teammate. What’s most vibrant and creative about your company culture can flourish when your employees feel empowered to share open jobs with their social network.

Your employees are often your best recruiters. Compared to job boards, employee referrals have an astounding 8x greater reach, and they result in 55% faster hiring. It’s no wonder the vast majority of employers today agree that employee referrals offer the best bang for your recruiting buck.

Recruiting software allows your employees to share open jobs and gain rewards once friends apply using their link. This not only gives your employees a tangible incentive for sharing open positions, but it also helps widen your talent pool. 

Employees can vouch for referrals, and these references can be made available to the entire hiring team – giving everyone the centralized information they need to make the best hiring decision.

Recruitment Automation Tools

Take back control over the multitude of time-consuming tasks involved in recruiting for an open job – the ads, the screening, the emails (oh, the emails!), and navigating the interview and job offer process.

Email templates for customized, automated messages save you and your team time while also creating a consistent candidate experience that helps strengthen your employer brand. Recruiting software can help you determine exactly how and when messages are sent – adding a personalized touch to the hiring process.

Cut the misfits out early – smart screening tools can help you search through tons of applications for the only best candidates. With filtering for essential keywords, phrases, qualifications, and even data from social networking sites, recruiting software can help you target top candidates from your applicant pool faster.

Recruiting Analytics

Finally, you’ll want to measure just how much your recruiting skills have sharpened with analytics that tell you what’s working and what’s not. Refine your recruiting techniques by learning from your hiring successes and mistakes to give you that extra edge over your competitors.

Recruit smarter, not harder. Successful hiring isn’t just about low cost-per-hire – it’s about quality. With customized metrics focused on actual performance, you can measure just how good your new hires are and help you identify ways to get your best ROI in the future.

Recruiting software can help you discover where applicants fall short during the application process, and the most effective types of ads you run. With a few key metrics, you’ll be able to dramatically improve your overall recruiting strategy and build the sharp, powerful team your company needs.

Focus on Modern Recruiting Strategies and Emerge Victorious 

In this War for Talent, you need a tool capable of swiftly cutting through the tasks involved in modern recruiting. With so many companies out there fighting each other over a few stand-out stars, you’ve got to become a recruiting samurai.

With the ability to automate essential, but time-consuming tasks like prescreening, emails, and scheduling interviews, you and your team can focus on more important work when it comes to handling your top candidates – assisting you every step of the way until one candidate emerges from the field victorious.

Recruiting doesn’t have to be a fight or a struggle – with the right tool, you can harness the full power of your hiring team to find the best candidates and strengthen your employer brand at the same time. Recruiting software can make your company the one everyone’s fighting to work for.



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