Competition for talent is fierce these days. Finding great candidates has turned into a veritable battleground – with hawks prowling LinkedIn and Glassdoor snatching up prized talent early and leaving the scraps behind.

For companies competing in this War for Talent, your weapon of choice needs to be sharp, precise, and effective. The answer? Recruiting Software.

In his famous book, The Art of War, Sun Tzu says, “To subdue the enemy without fighting is the acme of skill.” While it’s doubtful Sun Tzu ever thought companies would be fighting the way we are today for talent, his advice is still surprisingly relevant.

Recruiting software helps top talent come to you without a fight or struggle. By recruiting smarter, you’ll take the stress, disorganization, and inefficiency out of filling your next role, so recruiting feels like a victory.

In this two part series, we’ll share our 10 top strategies for using recruiting software to give your company the edge it needs in today’s War for Talent.

Recruitment Marketing

Recruiters aren’t turning into soldiers any time soon, but they are definitely turning into bona fide marketers. Instead of converting clients to a sale, recruiters must convert interested candidates into applicants. Long gone are the days of posting on a single job board and finding a perfect match. It’s competitive out there, and candidates know it.

Inbound recruiting is the name of the game. This is a recruiting strategy used to attract, engage, and convert job seekers and candidates through as many different channels as possible.

Recruiting software helps you build a solid foundation for drawing in and engaging potential applicants at all stages of their career journey – helping you market your company as an outstanding place to work.

Whether you want to highlight your company’s benefits, perks, or its unique culture – a strong employer brand has become more important than ever in order to attract the best applicants. Top-talent wants to be sure they’re working for a company with a good reputation. 69% of applicants, in fact, say they wouldn’t take a job at a company with a bad reputation.

Tailored content on social media, blogs, or job sites like Glassdoor or LinkedIn, can help you tell your company story. Social recruiting this way is one of the most important strategies for casting the widest net for your next vacancy – letting as many potential applicants as possible learn about why working at your company is the best choice for their long-term career goals.

Candidate Experience

From the moment an applicant decides to apply for a job at your company, the most important thing to do is deliver an outstanding candidate experience. Recruiting software can streamline your entire recruiting process so candidates feel informed and engaged at every step of the way.

With a fast and easy application experience, you’ll not only get more applicants, but you’ll help ensure they stick with the application until the end. One of the most frustrating things about applying for a job comes down to receiving updates. Communication delays can cause otherwise high-quality applicants to jump ship – believing that disorganization during the recruiting process is the status quo at your company.

With easy-to-fill-out applications and prompt communication at every step of the way, your recruiting software can keep your team organized and ensure candidates move through a smooth recruiting pipeline.

78% of job seekers say that the candidate experience indicates how well a company values its employees. This means a strong candidate experience is a brand builder. 

For those applicants you don’t hire, their experience is a direct reflection of how seriously your company takes finding only the best talent. A positive experience increases the likelihood top-candidates will reapply in the future and helps ensure you’ll have a continual supply of high-quality applicants knocking on your door.

Mobile is a MUST

Let’s be real, at most moments of the day, your coveted candidates have a smartphone in their hands, scrolling through social media, messaging friends, and – you guessed it – looking for jobs on their phone.

According to Glassdoor, 45% of job seekers search and apply for jobs daily on their mobile phones and tablets. 

In order to not miss out on top talent job surfing during their lunch break, it’s crucial to ditch clunky career websites and use a mobile-friendly applicant portal optimized for both candidates and your team. Job descriptions, company culture, and mission statements should all be ready for those mobile-searching applicants shopping around for new jobs on the go.

Mobile-ready software can strengthen your employer brand with video job descriptions, headache-free options to apply, and tailored emailed campaigns all optimized for our increasingly mobile world. With the ability to text candidates, schedule interviews, and post internal feedback in an all-in-one mobile app, your recruiting team can stay organized and efficient – ensuring candidates have an outstanding candidate experience wherever they are.

Cultivate a Talent Pipeline

Building a talent pool is a proactive way of keeping track of all your top applicants. These silver and bronze medal winners who didn’t make it through to being offered a job may still be a good fit for future opportunities.

Regular and targeted communication keeps former candidates engaged so you always have a wide pool of talent to pull from when new opportunities arise.

Recruiting software can help you find the exact candidates you want – quickly narrowing down your search based on required skills, experience, schools attended, or college major. Weeding out candidates this way saves you time and builds a pool of candidates worth keeping an eye on whether they’re active applicants or not.

Getting the right applicants also depends on automated and smart job posting. Recruiting software can increase your candidate reach with ads targeting specific blogs, social media platforms, and niche sites for hard to fill vacancies (like technical and leadership positions). Posting your job to several sites at once (including your own career portal) gives you the maximum possibility of finding the perfect match.

And with real-time tracking, you’ll ensure you’re always posting job ads in the right places and get the biggest bang out of your recruiting budget.

 Social Recruiting

It’s no secret that job seekers are increasingly turning to social media and online review and salary sites during their job search. In fact, 79% of job applicants are using social media or online sites to do so, according to Glassdoor. This means it’s become easier than ever for applicants to decide whether they really want to apply for your company.

Social recruiting is all about effectively portraying your brand, but it’s also about actively advertising and communicating with potential candidates at all stages of their career.

Giving both active and passive candidates an idea of what it’s like to work for your company can go a long way towards building trust and long-term interest in your brand – whether applicants apply now or in the future.

Recruiting software helps automate all of your social media accounts, giving you control over the messaging and communication you have with potential applicants around the world. With the ability to schedule posts and monitor the effectiveness of campaigns, you’ll be able to continually build and market your presence online.

We hope you’re motivated by these failproof recruiting strategies. We recommend you take several of these tips and implement them this month. And we’re not done yet. Stay tuned for Part 2, where we share 5 more winning strategies for giving you a sharper edge in the War for Talent.

If you want to experience the power of a recruiting platform that can help you win top talent, take Newton for a spin. We’re standing by to take you to the next level with your recruiting. 

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