To attract top talent to your company, you need a strong employer brand.

Recruiting for an open position these days involves much more than simply listing it on your website or a job board. Now, marketing your company as an excellent place to work has become essential too-selling the perks, benefits, and company culture you have with as job seekers as possible.

One tool that can drastically improve your employer branding is an Applicant Tracking System (ATS). These systems organize, streamline, and automate a wide variety of tasks involved in hiring.

But the right ATS can help alleviate common pain points in employer branding too. Problems such as clunky job portals, delayed communication, and poor organization that leaves applicants and recruiters alike feeling frustrated.

Fully utilizing your ATS has become crucial in building your brand and presence online. And it will fundamentally transform the most important factor in marketing your company as an outstanding place to work. 

The Candidate Experience

The strength of your employer brand depends largely on creating a positive candidate experience at all phases of the hiring process.

In fact, 78% of job seekers say that candidate experience indicates how well a company values its employees.

A job application that is too complex or confusing will do more than turn away high-quality candidates. A negative candidate experience can lead job seekers to believe that disorganization and poor communication are your company’s norm, whether that’s true or not.

This will affect your brand online and offline in big and small ways-whether in the form of damaging reviews on Glassdoor and Facebook, or gossip about their experience with colleagues and friends.

Branding has actually become so important to job applicants that 69% wouldn’t take a job at a company with a bad reputation even if they’re already unemployed.

Utilizing an ATS can dramatically improve your branding and candidate experience by streamlining your hiring at every step. As more applicants experience a straightforward and organized job application process, you’ll build a reputation as a company that respects its applicants-a company worth working for.

Market Your Culture

You can create a positive candidate experience from the very beginning of a job applicant’s hunt by using your ATS to create a clear, aesthetically pleasing Careers page on your website.

This is often the first place job seekers turn to find for more information about a company they’re interested in, and it’s one of the most effective ways of branding yourself as an exceptional place to work.

Most ATS platforms give you everything you need to customize the look and feel of your Careers page with options to add your logo, custom graphics, and any special fonts you want.

A well designed, on-brand Careers page reflects a business that has it “together”, which goes a long way during the first-impression stage. 

Much more than just an eye-catching list of open jobs though, this page can give potential applicants an inside look at your company’s culture and help them see what it’s like to be part of your team.

Whether you choose to highlight benefits, share workplace photos, or feature a few employee bios, the Careers page is one of your most important opportunities to show job seekers what makes your company stand out and why they should want to work for you.

Smoother Applications

Once a job seeker is convinced you’re a good fit, the next step is completing an online application. This step can make or break their candidate experience.

Long, drawn-out applications cause many job seekers to jump ship early on. 60% of people report quitting a job application because it was too complex or had too many steps.

If you have a poorly designed online application, top talent may simply start looking elsewhere. The truth is, talented job seekers know their worth and don’t want to jump through too many hoops to prove it.

But an ATS can help you create custom applications that motivate applicants rather than push them away. Even if you have an in-depth hiring process, an ATS can help you make it as smooth as possible so you attract and retain high-quality candidates.

You can even make your application process more engaging for applicants with custom role-specific questions that challenge them a bit to show off their skills. It’s a fine line to draw, but this can brand your company as a place fit for only the best.

Widen Social Reach

Social media has become as crucial for building your employer brand as it is for marketing your company’s products.

53% of job applicants use social media to research companies they’re interested in working for. And that means your company’s activity, engagement, and reputation on social media are all important factors when it comes to your branding.

Your ATS can help you cast an even wider net in order to reach a larger number of applicants, even on social media.

Integration with sites like Monster, Glassdoor, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter can help you find coveted applicants that weren’t even looking for a new job.

By giving active and passive applicants as many chances as possible to view open positions and submit applications, you’ll go a long way towards building visibility and awareness of your employer brand as a popular and engaging place to work.

Faster, Automated Responses

Waiting is often the worst part of any job application.

61% of job applicants stated that a good candidate experience means employers respond quickly to their application and keep them notified.

Even if you are an applicant’s dream company, lack of communication will quickly alter their perception and, in the end, negatively affect your brand. An ATS can prevent job applicants from falling into that dark abyss.

Automated messaging and customized reminders can help you stay on track and keep applicants informed at each step. This will help candidates feel more involved and motivated to continue the application process.

Better organization, quicker decision making, and reduced waiting time are better for both applicants and your company. And for those applicants you don’t accept, your brand will still come across as professional, courteous, and quick to respond. This increases the chances even rejected applicants will recommend your brand to others or reapply in the future.

Streamlined Onboarding

Once you decide to hire an applicant, there’s often a lot of information that needs to be sent to prepare them for their first day. An ATS can help organize and automate this onboarding process, making important tasks smoother for both your recruiters and new employees alike.

By automating menial tasks such as sending forms to sign and other important instructions, you’ll save your recruitment team a ton a time while also keeping your new employees up-to-date.

An organized hiring process is obviously great for applicants, but it also helps your current team feel engaged and productive. Your existing employees are already some of your best advocates for strengthening your brand.

Investment in brand management (with a tool such as an ATS) can help you retain current employees too. In fact, it can reduce employee turnover by 28%.

An ATS simplifies and automates tasks so your recruiters can focus on finding you the best talent out there while ensuring your candidates have the best experience possible.

Your Brand, Elevated With An ATS

With so much competition out there, it’s become crucial to build an employer brand popular and respected enough that outstanding candidates come to you.

An ATS system can help level-up your hiring process and create a candidate experience that motivates applicants rather than dissuades them. By casting a wide social net and actively managing your brand online, you’ll soon start to see a greater number of high-quality candidates filling your inbox.

From the moment a job seeker encounters your company to their first day as a new employee, an ATS is an important part of building your employer brand and attracting top talent to your company.

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