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The 8 reasons an ATS is a must-have tool for recruiters.

As a recruiter, you want to attract the absolute best talent. To create a no-fail hiring pipeline, you need to use the top technology and tools available. The ultimate tool is an ATS which will automate your processes and level-up your hiring results. 

In this article, we’re sharing the top 8 features and benefits recruiters must know about applicant tracking systems.

ATS and Automation

Today’s HR professionals are managing a million things in a day. An ATS simplifies all the important recruiting tasks with automation. Over 95% of Fortune 500 companies use an ATS to improve their recruiting pipeline.

As a busy professional, the last thing you want to be worrying about is trying to remember to send individual emails to every candidate. It’s impossible to manually post job listings to every important job board. Recruiters should be able to prioritize their attention on top applicants so they don’t fall through the cracks.

An ATS automates job board postings, across all digital channels. It provides schedule-saving inbox management, email templates, and interview scheduling features.

Both candidates and hiring managers can easily keep in touch using an ATS. Questions and scheduling interviews are quickly taken care of. An ATS can even proactively send candidates reminders about the interview, preventing wasted time with a no-show.

An ATS slays through those time-consuming, background tasks and takes care of it for you.

Job Posting Distribution

Thanks to integrations many applicant tracking systems have with big recruitment sites like Indeed, Monster, and Ziprecruiter an ATS will completely streamline your job posting process. In an instant, your open role can be sent to a wide web of potential applicants.

Applicant tracking systems also provide management of job listings. Any edits, additions, or deletions made in the ATS instantly affect the listing across the web. No need to update each job posting individually which would be a massive undertaking. 

An ATS also perfectly integrates your listings on social media. With this ability, more applicants see it and can apply directly from their desktop or mobile device.

Attract Hard-To-Reach Candidates

In addition to making your life easier, applicant tracking systems help you reach those coveted candidates that may not be actively looking. Ultimately, this gives you an advantage to quickly find the best candidates while keeping costs low.

45% of potential applicants search for a job on their mobile device and 89% see their device as a critical part of the job hunt. An ATS takes advantage of our technology-centered society. It has the capability to share consistent information, on-brand, wherever top-talent hangs out. 

Hot Hiring Pipeline 

One of the most useful applications of centralization with ATS is with the applicants themselves. Not only can you manage communication with applicants from multiple sources, but an ATS also provides a database of information. Resumes are collected across platforms are organized in one place, and through resume parsing, they’re easily searchable.

An ATS creates a centralized pipeline of potential employees that uniquely fit new job listings. For candidates perfect for a different position, their information stays right where you need it to be.

Ultimately, this reduces the time you need to put into the attraction stage of hiring.

Refined Results

There’s nothing more time consuming than wading through hundreds of similar applications looking for just the right words to set the applicant apart. A metaphorical needle in a haystack.

Instead, applicant tracking systems provide the benefit of searching through that haystack for you. And presenting a list full of needles at the click of a button.

This information becomes searchable and organized. You can set up the system to present only the candidates that match exactly what you are looking for. Some ATS will even rank the top applicants based on how well their qualifications match the job.

Reliable Recruiting Hub 

Working with a remote team is the new norm, but it can be challenging when you’re in the hiring industry. With an ATS, however, you have a centralized headquarters. You save valuable time by keeping candidate information all in one place. An applicant tracking systems provide an excellent storage system for resume data. 

An ATS can provide a reliable hub for all the information you need for the hiring process. For example, it can manage email templates. With one click, a busy recruiter can load an appropriate email template. Candidate history is reliably stored in an ATS, and if a candidate has had several touchpoints with your organization, this is all available for review.

Having one source of truth in your HR department will save hundreds of hours searching for resumes and records of communication. 

ATS Drives Diversity

Diversity is essential for a thriving organization. Workplace diversity leads companies to become more innovative and profitable. So gearing your hiring process to attract diverse talent is a smart strategy.

With an ATS, there’s no risk of unconscious bias affecting any hiring or recruiting decisions. With an ATS, the shortlisted candidates are the best and most diverse.

Quality Onboarding

Beyond the initial hiring phase, applicant tracking systems continue to be beneficial to your company. Onboarding has proven to be a crucial part of the hiring process.

Attention to providing an excellent onboarding experience can even improve employee retention by 82%.

An ATS has the features to essentially introduce the new hire to your company. Through onboarding automation, it is easy to include resources and information related to the job. An ATS can clarify breakdowns of benefits, hiring paperwork, and a welcome packet can be delivered.

Introducing quality onboarding with an ATS can drastically speed up the time it takes to hire and get the new employee working within your company.

The Power of an Applicant Tracking System

The optimization of your hiring process extends well beyond the initial job listing. When you invest in the right ATS for your unique organizational needs, you take back so much time. An ATS nearly erases tedious tasks. When you invest in applicant tracking recruiters can say goodbye to manual resume sorting to tedious interview scheduling.

Applicant tracking systems like Newton make the hiring process run like clockwork. 



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