Constant change is the name of the recruiting game, and anyone ahead of the curve in HR knows it. Innovative thinking and agile, adaptable movement in the recruiting process will lead to the best and top candidates for your company. So, what can you do to be at the head of this process? Where are the best candidates at and on which software? How do you know which software to look out for, and which to filter out?

While there isn’t enough time to give you a comprehensive list of every recruiting software on the scene, we can tell you which trends to look out for, and we’ll name drop a few movers & shakers in the industry.

Be at the edge of these hot trends. Take notes and share with your team.

AI for HR

With time being an expensive resource, and the cost of a bad hire even more costly, automated recruiting systems are increasing in popularity. Artificial intelligence is being used across industries, especially to help speed up and improve background checks.

In recruiting, AI is currently being used to augment resume sorting and parsing. It’s also being employed to proactively monitor recruiting pipelines and speed to hire.

Ultimately, the time-saving abilities of artificial intelligence in recruiting hold significant appeal in the recruiting world, because it frees up recruiters to for more in-person interaction with top candidates.

The efficient reporting from AI also identifies weaknesses in the recruiting process that allows for optimization moving forward.

Speed “Dating” With Recruiting Apps

We’re in the generation of “swipe right,” and it’s cropping up in the world of job searching. Since matching for a job is similar to being courted, the idea is not far-fetched. How does this show in tech recruiting?

Mobile recruiting apps like Jobr have the style of popular dating apps, like Bumble. It grabs your job history from LinkedIn to create a profile, and then recommends job opportunities that appear to be the best match, based off of your skills and history. The candidate will be presented with jobs and has the option to swipe left or right to choose/reject jobs that the app recommends.

On the recruiter’s end, they have the option to swipe on candidates that they think will be the best match for the role.

Social Media for Employer Branding

Some of the best candidates come to recruiters without solicitation. How do recruiters attract top candidates year-round without the heavy time investment of recruiting them personally? The social media marketing tactics of your company are playing an important part today.

Social media is a recruiter’s best friend for employer marketing. Not only is social media branding cost-effective, but it gives companies the ability to reach talent worldwide.

Use social media recruitment strategically to share key initiatives that your company is sharing in as it relates to philanthropy and community relations, boosting employee morale, new product lines offered and their impact.

When potential hires can observe your company from a distance and feel connected, you will attract candidates that are aligned with your company values and activities.

Video Games at Work? 

Employee satisfaction and retention is a KPI that recruiters consider from the first step of the recruiting process through the remainder of an employee’s time with the company.

Even though social media may be effective in giving a taste of company culture, consider investing in technology that will give candidates the literal sense of being a part of your company.

At job fairs, companies, including General Mills and Marriott, have used virtual reality to help candidates envision and feel what it would be like to walk the halls of their offices. Not only will it excite your candidates, but your company will also be known as an innovative leader. We look forward to seeing how virtual reality continues to move its way into recruiting 

Facetime Saves Time

A very common tech trend in recent years is automated video interview features. Employing video in your recruiting process has a number of benefits, including speed and ease of interviewing for both candidate and recruiter, as well as reduced travel costs.

Although face-to-face interviews are ideal for chemistry meetings, video interviews can provide almost the same experience. Instead of coordinating schedules and flights (especially for non-local candidates), video interviews can move the recruiting process along more effectively with little delay.

Newer recruiting software has the capability to not only schedule your interview but can host the video interview and automated messaging within the same platform.

Tradition is On its Way Out, Keep Pace with Tech

Your traditional recruiting process may be tried and true, but don’t ignore the trends. It’s a competitive job market. Your recruiting process should keep pace. Keep an eye out for these trends that are rocking the recruiting world, because more than likely, it will help you find where your best candidates are hanging out.

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