Background Check Software and Artificial Intelligence Drives Smarter Hiring

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the ability for machines to sense and learn from the real world. AI is able to amplify the abilities of humans or even take over tasks entirely. Background check software is one of the latest technologies benefiting from the AI revolution. 

From R2-D2 to Spot the Robot Dog, humans have a complicated relationship with the growing capabilities of artificial intelligence.

Despite our fears of a “robot uprising,” technology continues to push the boundaries.

AI powers your cell phone, Siri and Netflix, but it can also create a personalized voice for those who can’t speak. AI can even predict social unrest five days before it happens.

Redundant, time-consuming tasks are becoming a thing of the past, especially in the HR industry. The background check is a foundational piece of the hiring process, and with the help of AI, employee background checks are now being automated.

The background check will never go away. It reduces risk for companies. However, this HR function is notoriously resource-intensive and time-consuming.

In the time it takes for background checks to complete, candidates can get other offers or become impatient.

AI has the ability to prevent losing premium candidates during a long background check process.

Also, advanced background check technology can help hiring teams find elite applicants for open roles.  

Background checks will never be the same, but we’re sharing how that’s a good thing. We’re outlining the distinct benefits AI will bring to the hiring process.

Less Bias in Background Checks

Bias is no friend of the workplace. Diversity within companies not only make that organization perform better but it can also increase profitability.

Unfortunately, research has shown that we’re all a little biased, even if we don’t mean to be. This can become especially apparent in the hiring process. Using recruiting software is a good start but bias is still present even up to the point where the final decision is made.

Hiring tools that utilize AI can reduce this bias for both the hiring manager and the applicant.

By vetting applicants that exhibit bigoted or sexist behavior, such as social media posts, and presenting the evidence to HR, the company can protect both its culture and reputation.

AI Provides More Privacy 

With a tool that utilizes extreme vetting in most cases, combing through an extensive list of history – both good and bad – for the applicant, it would seem like his or her entire life is fair game to be examined by the potential employer.

Yet, the employer isn’t the one seeing all this information. It just sees some of it.

It’s a robot that looking through the applicant’s background and the robot that translates it back to HR. In the traditional sense, it would be individuals in the company looking applicants up and trying to make an objective decision based on what they find.

By reducing the amount of information you get from your AI enhanced hiring tools, you get what you need to make an informed decision and the applicant can rest easy knowing you didn’t see him or her in a bathing suit.

Simplification in Background Checks

You know the drill. Hundreds of applications and resumes pour in and you’re left to sift through all of the details. How long before words start running together?

Now add in the background check. Even with just a handful of potentials, there’s thousands of data points for each. And if the search is less thorough for the sake of saving time and sanity, just think about what was missed.

AI is able to efficiently record and make sense of all this data in a matter of minutes.

With a click of a button, AI programs integrated with hiring tools look back at the web and examine the available history of each applicant. It takes into account criminal history, but also financial background, behavioral concerns, and social media presence.

All this is given to you nice, neat, and packaged so you can more quickly make a hiring decision.

The Future of AI, Hiring and Background Checks

These are just some of the biggest benefits AI presents to hiring processes and background check software. The process of hiring with the help of machine learning and AI will continue to grow and become more precise. As everyone’s lives continue to mesh with the digital world, more behavioral and social data will enrich the data available to companies.

As AI is integrated into recruiting and background check software, the entire process will become smoother and more streamlined. ATS platforms will be able to take a company’s specifications for a candidate, sift through a growing library of information, and translate it back out to point to only the very best applicants.

Looking for More?

Looking to build a background check program at your organization that is not only simple but also compliant? Check out our free on-demand webinar with Curt Schwall, VP of Compliance and Regulatory Affairs at EBI.


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