Become a Millennial Magnet: How to Hire the Hottest Talent

The millennial generation has quickly become the largest generation in the US labor force. Millennials are regarded to be ambitious, tech-savvy, and socially responsible, so it’s easy to understand why hiring millennials is a top priority for recruiting and HR teams.

In this guide, we’re detailing five clear ways recruiting teams can use to amplify their millennial recruiting and hiring. We also address the employee experience and the corporate (or not so corporate) environment your company cultivates.

Offer Self Development and Room to Grow

Millennials are more purpose-driven than you may realize. 91% of millennials place emphasis on career progression and personal growth. Similarly, 43% will leave their jobs within two years, in part because they feel that their opportunity for learning has plateaued.

This need to progress isn’t exclusive to the millennial generation. Career growth has become an important concern across the board especially with the amount of competition facing everyone in the job market.

So how can companies address this need for career elevation when it comes to recruiting?

  • Attention to Job Posting Detail
    • Within job descriptions, clearly highlight the growth opportunities available within the company. Go the extra mile by adding details about typically how long it takes to achieve promotions within your organization.
  • Education is Cool to Millennials
    • Millennials aren’t the entitled generation we’ve been sold. Instead, they care about perks like mentorship opportunities, continuing education and attending industry-insider conferences (in cool locations of course).
  • Tuition Reimbursement is Gold
    • The holy grail benefit for millennials is tuition reimbursement. Student loan debt is a pervasive stressor for millennials. Offering even partial tuition reimbursement shows you really understand their true needs.

Optimize Your Hiring Process for Millennials

Millennials have made a major impact on the way companies conduct their hiring process. As a generally tech-savvy generation, you’ll want to speak to these applicants in their own language. Not to mention, applicants, especially in the millennial generation, won’t be on the sharply-competitive job market for long.

Generational traits like drive and resourcefulness will lead many potential recruits to either find a job fast or move on. Within 10 days, the top candidates could disappear from the market.

  • Millennials Move Fast – So Should You
    • Assess the speed of your hiring process, from job posting to onboarding.
    • Applicant Tracking Systems, especially those with the capabilities to seamlessly flow from start to finish, can make a huge difference when hiring millennials.
    • By optimizing your hiring to be quick and mobile-friendly, the risk of losing millennial applicants’ interest will be drastically reduced.

Millennials On A Mission

Millennials love a mission. For a generation known as the “giving generation”, corporate social responsibility (CSR) has become increasingly important to millennials.

When evaluating a potential employer, 64% wouldn’t work for a company that doesn’t have strong CSR commitments, compared to a 51% US average.

Additionally, millennials want to be an active participant in the social work their company is doing, so sharing these same values are essential for a company wanting to attract them.

  • Amp Up Your Volunteer Efforts
    • Provide paid volunteer time, host volunteer events, sign employee teams up for charity runs, or match charitable donations made by your employees.
  • Flaunt Your Causes
    • More importantly, make it known to millennials what causes you are championing and how they can get involved. Share the impact your company is making on social media, in the local community, and showcase your activities on your website.

Meet Millennials Where They Are

Millennials aren’t just the “selfie generation”. They’re doing important things online and especially on social media. Their generation thrives on social platforms, word of mouth, and online reviews. In fact, user generated content (UGC), or media created by peers, was found to 50% more trusted than other media and 35% more memorable by the millennial generation.

  • Learn Social Recruiting
    • Engaging in social recruiting, especially when combined with an ATS system, is a great way to strategically recruit a millennial audience.
  • Shine Up Your Employer Online Presence
    • Millennials care about a positive online presence. 72% of candidates spend over an hour researching a potential employer. How companies are represented online, like on their Glassdoor reviews, can be the deciding factor for a candidate.
  • Go On Campus
    • Companies can also take measures to recruit millennials offline. One such way is to get involved in academic circles. For example, hosting university events, advertising in a university newspaper, getting involved at college career centers, and providing unique opportunities to university students (much like the Coca-Cola “Happiness Machine”) all increase the perception and UGC of a company.

Make Benefits Millennial Friendly

Company benefits and environment are perhaps the most important influencers of a millennial’s decision to accept a job offer. And, of those, work-life balance ranks among the top.

  • Three Words: Work-Life Balance
    • When asked how they evaluate job prospects, 82% of millennials said work-life balance was a major consideration, with 76% citing salary and 71% who wanted job flexibility. By providing perks like an excellent family leave program, exercise access, or student loan assistance, your company can encourage a balanced company culture.
  • Retirement Still Matters to Millennials
    • Millennials are also aware of the need to prepare for the future and their desire from an employer reflects that. Nine out of 10 millennials are saving for retirement and 80% expect an employee to provide a retirement savings plan.
  • Offer Mental Health Benefits 
    • This generation also puts more emphasis on the effects of work on mental health. As a result, the typical health plan offered by many employees is drastically lacking. Providing a comprehensive and competitive health plan, in addition to other perks, can place your company among the top choices of a job-seeking millennial.

Respect the Millennial Perspective and Thrive

The surefire way to attract millennials is to genuinely understand their values and priorities. Then prove to them that your company is in total alignment with those key factors. After all, creating a culture that matches the millennial outlook will ultimately help your company thrive.

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