With 2018 come and gone and the busy New Year hiring season upon us, here are seven trends in recruiting that will up your hiring game in 2019. Be sure to check out the links to dive deeper into each of these recruiting strategies.

In this day and age many jobs are becoming more technical and are starting to require some level of technical expertise. Whether you are hiring a computer scientist, engineer or anything in between having the right interview process laid out is a must.

A technical interview differs in length, amount/type of assessments and the questions that you ask. It is a good idea to develop a different process for conducting a technical interview to ensure you vet candidates properly and hire the best person for the job. Read more here.

Gallup defines engaged employees as “those who are involved in, enthusiastic about and committed to their work and workplace.” Engaged employees attend company events and efforts not because they have to, but because they want to. In short, engaged employees are invested and take pride in where they are and what they do. They not only enjoy a positive company culture, they also breed it.

This will help your business twofold in 2019. Firstly, prospective employees are not looking for a just a job anymore; they want a place where they look forward to coming in everyday and are challenged by their peers. On the same token, your current employees are bound to have other companies contacting them for open positions as qualified candidates are in such high demand right now. If you can build employee engagement into your company culture you will be much more likely to keep the talent you already have and hire the best talent on the market. Read more here.

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Companies commonly hire a mix of both contractors and full time employees. Some of the main reasons why a company may choose to hire a contractor are savings on wages, taxes and benefits as well as having more qualified candidates due to the fact that they amass so much experience through their work at many different companies and industries.

Regular employees have their pros as well such as accountability and succession planning. Both types of employees also have their cons so it is best to evaluate what best suits your business before making a decision. Read more here.

Automation is making its way into everything and recruiting is no exception to this. The good news is that your role as a recruiter is not going anywhere. The human element is something that most likely will not be replaced anytime soon as humans still prefer interacting with other humans rather than a computer/robot.

Using automation tools to aid you in your human run recruitment process is a game changer. Resume screening, automated job board posting, artificially intelligent video interviews and email automation are just some of the ways automation can help you expedite your hiring process. More technologies are coming up everyday and 2019 is sure to be a big year for the recruiting industry. Read more here.

Internal recruitment has been a trend for a long time, but 2019 being a candidate driven market it is more important than ever to retain your current workforce.

One way to do this is by recruiting from within; also known as internal recruitment. There are four main types of internal recruitment: promotions, transfers, temporary to permanent and employee referrals. Some advantages that come with internal recruiting are reduced training cost, a boost in employee morale, reduced job posting/screening costs and decreased employee turnover. Just like every trend/strategy on this list there are definitely disadvantages to this strategy. Read more here.

Whether we like it or not social media is becoming more ingrained in people’s lives by the day and people are spending more time on it than ever. A few of the main benefits to using social media in your recruitment practices include reaching passive candidates (those not actively job searching, but are open to making a change for the right role), showing off your company culture and verifying candidate information/gaining insight into their background.

Don’t just post to the big three (Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter). consider posting to niche forums and other places where that perfect candidate may be spending their time. By meeting candidates where they spend their time, you will be sure to hire the most engaged and most qualified candidate for the job. Read more here.

More companies are adopting applicant tracking systems (ATS) into their recruitment stack everyday. And this isn’t just large companies who hire thousands of employees every year; companies in every industry and of every size find major benefits in using an ATS.

Having an ATS allows you to keep all of your recruitment in one place; at Newton we like to refer to this as “air traffic control”. The ability to see where candidates are in the hiring process with a glance will save your recruiters/hiring managers significant time (and headache), ultimately saving your business money and ensuring you hire the most qualified applicants.

An ATS also provides a much more refined candidate experience for the applicants of your positions. Gone are the days of silence between different stages of the interview process, with automated emails and other automation features, an ATS keeps your candidates engaged with your company and not your competitors. This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to benefits of using an applicant tracking system. Read more here.

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