Imagine this. You are sitting in your office on a beautiful mid-October day, going about your daily tasks to ensure a happy and healthy workplace. All of a sudden you get word that your company is being audited for EEO compliance, and to top it all off, you need to have everything ready by the end of October.

This story recently became a reality for one Newton customer.

Being on such a tight timeline and not knowing where to start to get the required data, she panicked. Luckily, Newton’s Manager of Client Services, Alan Kochis, was ready to step in and save the day. Newton was built with this kind of situation in mind so Alan knew exactly how to guide her through the simple process of gathering and exporting the data she needed from within Newton. Within five minutes, the required EEO data was in her hands and ready to be handed over in the correct format for the audit. Thrilled at how easy it was and the personalized attention she got from Alan Kochis, this happy customer exclaimed “Newton saved our butts!”.

Fortunately for many HR and recruiting professionals using Newton, this is not a one-off success story. On top of being the most user-friendly ATS on the market, Newton allows you to get the data you need with help from a top-notch customer support team.

EEO & OFCCP Compliance Hiring Tools

The first step to making sure you are ready when an EEO audit comes around is to have the right software in place. Choosing a software that has built-in EEO and OFCCP compliance tracking and reporting tools will save you time, money and headache when an audit rolls around.

Benefits for Your Entire Recruiting Team

EEO and OFCCP compliance tools benefit employees at all levels of your organization. Below are ways that Newton helps HR professionals spanning the most important roles in the recruitment process.


With Newton’s compliance tools, recruiters no longer need to worry about manual data capture. Built-in EEO and OFCCP functionality such as reason for non-selection, minimum qualifications and more keep your company safe, allowing you to focus on activities that get candidates in the door.

HR Directors

HR Directors have immediate access to pre-built compliance reports. Being able to easily create applicant flow logs as well as hire and offer logs make sure you are prepared in the event of an audit.


Get peace of mind knowing that your organization’s recruiting practices adhere to EEO and OFCCP standards, making sure you avoid costly audits. You can also keep track of your team’s activities and stay ahead of any compliance issues that may arise.

Second to None Customer Support

All of the tools in the world aren’t going to help you if you don’t know how to access them or pair them with your organization’s process. At Newton, our Customer Success and Customer Support teams ensure you get the most value out of your ATS. In the example above, our customer reached out via phone to our Support line and spoke with Alan. In addition to phone support, our customers have access to fast email support and a robust Knowledge Base full of instructional videos and articles.

Having an ATS that collects EEO data and a team behind that ATS that is ready to support you at a moment’s notice will give you time back in your day and money back in your pocket.

You Can Never be Too Compliant

Whether you’re a government contractor or a growing company with 50+ employees, recruitment compliance is a front-of-mind topic for all recruiters and human resources pros. While OFCCP compliance regulations are specifically for employers with federal contracts, it is the responsibility of every U.S.-based employer to eliminate discrimination in their hiring processes and be able to report on it if the need arises.

That being said we have built a guide to OFCCP compliance and thought you might find it useful. In this guide you will learn about the major regulations that you must adhere to and best practices to ensure you make it to the finish line. Click the button below to download the guide and start your journey to a happier, healthier and less stressful workplace.


Looking for More on EEO and OFCCP Compliance?

Still find yourself wanting to learn more about compliance? Check out these other great articles/resources outlining many different aspects of staying compliant in your hiring practices.

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