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To improve the effectiveness of your company’s hiring initiatives, every stage of the recruitment process must be examined and analyzed to see where improvements can be made.

One of the most overlooked stages is the pre-interview process. While a great deal of energy is often dedicated to ensuring that the in-person interview goes smoothly, the pre-interview process is just as important to make sure you hire the best candidate possible.

The Interview Starts Before You Sit Down Face-to-Face

Remember,  the candidate is not the only one who is being interviewed; the company is just as much under the gun (especially in today’s candidate driven market).

Before an interview even begins, the candidate will be evaluating your company culture and seeing if they feel they would fit in.

Highly-qualified candidates will often have options when it comes to finding employment, so companies should be careful not to fall into the trap of thinking that just because they’re the ones conducting the interview that they have all the power.

Therefore, it’s in your company’s best interest to present itself professionally and competently at every stage of the recruitment process; otherwise, you run the risk of making a poor first impression.

Making Sure the Interviewee is Prepared

While it’s true that being prepared for an interview is primarily the candidate’s responsibility, the company also has an obligation to ensure that the candidate has everything they need to succeed.

To help the candidate along during the pre-interview process, it’s important that the individual or individuals involved at this stage are responsive to emails and are available to answer any questions that the candidate may have. It doesn’t look good if the candidate asks a question and doesn’t get a response until days later or doesn’t receive a response at all.

It’s also important to confirm the details surrounding interview so that the candidate clearly understands where they need to be and at what time.  

Many companies forget this step, leaving the candidate to look up the company’s information on their own. This runs the risk of the candidate becoming confused on where and when they need to be and not showing up for the interview at all.

The Magic is in the Details

Think about your most pleasant interview experience: what was the lobby like when you entered? Was it welcoming? Was there someone there to greet you? Did you have to wait long to be seen? Were you offered something to drink?

These interview details are important, as they can go a long way toward making the candidate feel comfortable and welcome at your company.

On the day of the interview, make sure that there is someone in the lobby to greet the candidate. Additionally, it is a good idea to stock the lobby with some reading materials—perhaps something that is relevant to the industry—so that the candidate has something to do while they wait.

It’s also important to ensure that the room where the interview will take place is in proper order, as a room that is unorganized or dirty will leave a bad impression with the candidate.

One of the most important interview process steps to remember is not to be late. This makes it seem like you don’t care about/value the candidate’s time and reflects very poorly on your business. So, plan ahead, push meetings, and do everything you can to ensure that the interview takes place on time.

Finally, if the interview will involve two or more interviewers or they will be interviewing with somebody who they have not spoken with before, give them the details about who each interviewer will be and what their role in the company is. This will help to alleviate any stress that the candidate may have and let them show off their true potential.

Putting a Bow On It

Improving the pre-interview process can go a long way in helping your company make a great first impression with potential hires and ensure you hire the best candidate possible for the job.

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