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The first day of a new job can be a stressful experience for everyone involved, including the employer.

Of course, the new employee is the one who must come in and demonstrate that they can walk the walk and not just talk the talk, but employers must also do the same.

Employers have an obligation to provide a pleasant first-day experience for their new employees. In this article, we’re going to show you how to ensure that your employee has everything they need to get started the moment they walk through the door.

Why First Days Are Hard but Important

Working relationships are a two-way street, and if the company doesn’t take their new hire’s first day seriously, they run the risk of leaving a bad first impression that can be difficult to remedy.  

Ensuring that an employee’s first day is as seamless as possible isn’t easy: there’s a lot of coordination that needs to occur, and unless you already have a plan in place, it can be difficult to get everything lined up.

In a typical office environment, a new employee needs to have several things ready for them right from the start such as: access to the parking structure, a workstation, office supplies, access to security doors inside the office, and so on.

While these items might seem like no-brainers, you’d be surprised how many companies don’t even have a cubicle set up for their new employee on their first day, forcing them to set up shop inside a lonely conference room or an interim location instead.

When all these basic items are taken care of right from the start, the new hire can focus on learning about how the company operates and hit the ground running. This is great for the employer as well since they can start seeing a return on their investment in a much shorter time frame.

Ensuring a Great First Day

To ensure that your new hire’s first day is as smooth as possible, it is key to already have an onboarding process in place.

For employers, an important component of this onboarding process is an onboarding checklist (a step-by-step guide to ensuring that the new hire will have everything they need on their start date).

To help you get started, here is a short list of what is typically included in an onboarding checklist:

  • Start date of new employee
  • Welcome letter for new employee on first day
  • Conduct an entry interview
  • Workstation setup by IT
  • Office Manager to provide access to essentials like parking and office access
  • New employee first day agenda
  • Welcome packet that includes all necessary HR documents
  • Orientation schedule for the employees first day, week, month, etc.
  • Create designated time for introductions
  • Inform the team of the new hire’s arrival

As you can see, there are quite a few tasks that need to be completed, so it’s best to get started on these items as soon as the candidate accepts their offer from the company.

Things to Avoid

The number one thing that companies need to avoid is appearing incompetent and disorganized, as this will leave a lasting bad impression with the new hire. The last thing you want is for your new employee to already be looking for a different job on their way home from their first day of work.

In addition to having everything in order prior to the employee’s first day, it is very important to give the new hire time to acclimate themselves to their new environment. Although it may be tempting to start piling on tasks on day one (especially if you have been short staffed and have a large backlog of projects) this can be detrimental to your new hire in the long run. Starting a new job is a stressful time in everybody’s life and adding more stress too soon can leave a new hire second guessing whether this is the right fit.

Instead, focus on easing them into your company through training, sitting in on meetings and organizing a team outing. Having an employee who feels comfortable and has a relationship with their peers is more important than finishing that task that has already been sitting in your backlog for six months (it can wait another week).

One last pitfall to avoid when making your employees first day on the job the best ever is to not have something waiting for them when they get to their desk. Whether it’s a branded t-shirt, pen or even some candy to make their first day a little bit sweeter, be sure to have something waiting for them. The old saying “it’s the thought that counts” rings true. What may seem like a small gesture makes a big difference when somebody is walking into a new and unknown environment. Show your new hire that you care and were thinking about them prior to them walking through the door. You will be rewarded with a much happier and driven employee.


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