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Hiring is hard enough. This is especially true if you don’t have the right recruiting tools and templates in place. To help make things easier, we created the Ultimate Hiring Toolkit to help you standardize and templatize a few key pieces of your recruiting process. Use these free HR templates and recruiting resources below to prepare your team for successful hiring and ensure you’re up to speed with best practices for effective recruiting.

Why Hiring is Hard

If you’ve found your way to this page, chances are that you’re looking for a way to make your day to day recruiting a little easier. Recruiting is difficult for many reasons. One of the biggest is that there are so many people and pieces in the hiring process to manage:

  • Hiring managers
  • Multiple jobs
  • Hundreds of candidates

Beyond this, you also need to drive and facilitate communication across many channels:

  • Coordinating with candidates to schedule phone screens and interviews
  • Coordinating with hiring managers to schedule interviews and gather feedback
  • Communicating progress on jobs and keeping the process moving
  • Facilitating job and offer approvals, pre-hire assessments, and background checks
  • Preparing and sending offer packages

To manage all of this, you can’t just “wing it” and expect to succeed. You need a structured approach and framework that drives your candidates through the three fundamental stages of recruiting:

  • Attract and Engage
  • Interview and Collaborate
  • Offer and Onboard

This is where our Ultimate Hiring Toolkit can help.

Free Recruiting & HR Templates

To help you better manage recruiting across every stage of your hiring process, we created the Ultimate Hiring Toolkit. The Ultimate Hiring Toolkit comes complete with eight Recruiting/HR templates and best practice guides, all built to help you manage key recruitment functions. Learn how to write the perfect job description, align with hiring managers through our hiring manager intake form, track key recruiting metrics with the ultimate recruiting spreadsheet, structure your interview process for success, send the perfect offer letter, and much more.


Don’t Need Every HR Template and Recruiting Guide in the Toolkit? Get them Individually:

Attract & Engage

The first stage of recruiting is all about getting your jobs in front of candidates and driving them to apply. You know the phrases “building your candidate pipeline” or “”filling your talent pool”? The templates below help with this exactly so that you can hire the best candidates possible.

The Hiring Manager Intake Form

When a new job opens, before anything else, you need a crystal clear idea of your ideal candidate profile. Getting this information from your hiring managers needs to be standardized so that you can easily get the information you need every time. This is where the Hiring Manager Intake Form comes in. Every time you receive a new job requisition, work through this template with your hiring manager so that the following is always well defined:

  • Timeline for hire
  • Scope and expectations of the role
  • The ideal candidate profile
  • Location
  • Compensation
  • Why candidates should be excited about this role

Benefits of the Hiring Manager Intake Form:

  • Helps you take a proactive approach to recruiting
  • Makes you better at selling the job
  • Enables you to hire better people
  • Keeps hiring managers accountable
  • Increases employee retention rates


Job Description Templates

Your job postings and descriptions often serve as the first impression between you and your candidates. As we all know, first impressions count. You only have a few seconds to capture a job seeker’s attention, and your job description is often the make or break point that decides whether or not a candidate decides to apply for your job.

To make sure you are making a good first impression with candidates, download our free job description template below. This template includes the key elements proven to be important for job seekers and is an actual job description we have used at Newton to build the strong team we have today. Feel free to edit and use it as you see fit for your organization!


Best Practices for Career Pages and Applications

In today’s candidate-driven market, if your applications take too long to complete, candidates simply won’t apply. Based on our own data from thousands of employers, 50% of all candidates will drop off an application if it takes longer than 10 minutes. And what about the 9 in 10 candidates who search for jobs on their phones. Are you making it easy for them to apply?

To help you ensure you are creating a candidate experience that drives candidates to apply, we have put together a Careers Pages and Applications Best Practices guide. Download it to ensure you are making it easy for candidates to apply to your jobs.

Key topics covered in the guide include:

  • Presentation
  • Length and complexity
  • Application technology
  • Acknowledgment


Interview & Collaborate

Once your candidates have applied, now comes the hard part- working with your team to drive candidates through the stages of your interview process. In this phase, it’s essential that you have a structured, repeatable process for you and your hiring team to follow.This makes it easy to keep the process moving, hold your hiring managers accountable, and report on performance to identify bottlenecks.

The Definitive Recruiting Playbook

The Definitive Recruiting Playbook is a framework that outlines the key stages of the interview process. Download the Playbook and apply it at your own organization to:

  • Define key stages of your recruitment process
  • Establish deadlines for each stage
  • Set an overall timeline for hiring
  • Assign responsibilities for each stage
  • Hold your hiring managers accountable


The Ultimate Recruiting Spreadsheet

If you don’t have an Applicant Tracking System or some other tool in place to track and manage your recruiting process, evaluating your performance can be a major challenge. To help, we created the Ultimate Recruiting Metrics Spreadsheet. Use it to assess key recruiting metrics and KPIs like:

  • Average Time to Fill
  • Candidate Sources
  • Stage-to-Stage Recruiting Velocity
  • Current Candidate Pipeline Reports
  • Funnel Breakdowns
  • Reasons for Non-Selection


Offer & Onboard

Once you’ve gone through the interview process and settled on a candidate, it may feel like your work is done. However, there is still one final stage: Offer and Onboard. Chances are your candidate has several offers on the table so how do you ensure that they accept yours? And if the candidate does accept, do you have an effective onboarding program to prepare them for success?

Secrets to Boost Your Offer Acceptance Rates

Getting a candidate to the offer stage is the culmination of weeks and possibly months of work for you and your team. The last thing you want is to get left at the altar and have to start from scratch. To help you avoid this, we created a 5-step guide to closing top candidates and maintaining a 95% job offer acceptance rate. Download it to ensure you never get left at the altar.

5 Steps Covered in the Guide:

  • The Intake
  • The Pre-Close
  • The Verbal Offer
  • The Written Offer
  • Sealing the Deal


New Hire Checklist

Did you know that 69% of new hires are more likely to stay with a company beyond three years if they are onboarded properly? On top of this, as much as 20% of employee turnover happens in the first 45 days. Effective onboarding is vital to employee retention. However, if you don’t already have a formal onboarding program, knowing where to start can be difficult.

This is where our New Hire Checklist comes in. The New Hire Checklist outlines 8 steps to develop a successful new hire onboarding program. Use it to:

  • Prepare your new hires for success
  • Coordinate with your team regarding onboarding responsibilities
  • Increase first-day productivity
  • Reduce employee attrition


Improve Your Hiring With Newton’s Ultimate Recruiting Toolkit

The complex nature of recruiting makes it nearly impossible to manage without a structured approach and standard operating procedures. We built our Ultimate Recruiting Toolkit to help you with this at every stage in the recruiting funnel. Use our HR templates and free recruiting tools to improve your hiring and simplify your processes today!



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