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We are excited to announce that the latest release of Newton is now live! The major focus of this release is bringing real-time Notifications to Newton, allowing our users to better track and manage key recruiting activities. In addition to Notifications, we made several other enhancements to improve the experience for our users. Read on to learn more about the new release or, if you are a Newton customer, view the full release notes located in Newton’s Knowledge Base.

Newton Notifications

Real-Time alerts so you never drop the ball

When it comes to your jobs and candidates, do you often find communication slipping through the cracks? Take control with real-time Notifications in Newton. Similar to Facebook notifications, we have implemented a centralized area for you to track and manage events as they happen in Newton. Never miss a candidate, comment or follow-up item again!

Customize your alerts to immediately find what you’re looking for

Want to only be alerted of information most pertinent to you? Advanced settings allow you to specify which events you receive notifications for and because they can be filtered by type, it’s always easy to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Improve efficiency and move faster with candidates

Once you find the right notification, smart logic ensures that you are taken to the most relevant page in Newton every time. No more wasting time digging to find that candidate, comment, or approval. Keep the ball moving forward to move quickly with top candidates.

Other Enhancements

New Notifications Settings Area

To accommodate for Notifications, the Alert Settings page has been redesigned as the Notifications Settings area.

New Personal User Settings Menu

The Personal User Settings menu, which can be accessed from the gear icon in the top right corner of Newton, has been redesigned and now includes a link to the new Notifications Settings Area.

New Analytics Page Enhancements

Following the release of our new Analytics page, we have introduced several improvements making it easier for you to access and analyze your data.

Candidate Type and Source Added to Candidate Page

The Candidate Type and Source will now appear near the top of the candidate page, providing you quick visibility to a given candidate’s current type and source.


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