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Summer is upon us and for many, this means working on toning that beach body. At Newton, we’re also focused but on a different kind of toning- keeping our Applicant Tracking System looking sleek and in peak performance. That’s why we are excited to announce that the latest version of Newton is now live!

New and Improved Analytics

The major focus of this release was improving Newton’s Analytics area. The page has received a complete overhaul, including improved charts, a clean new interface, and performance enhancements allowing you to easily view your team’s performance from any browser or device. If you are a Newton customer, log in and navigate to the Analytics page to see the new look and let us know what you think!

Other Notable Enhancements

Although the focus of this release was the new Analytics page, we didn’t stop there! Below are several other enhancements to kick off the summer!

Agency Manager Notifications

To help you better manage communication with recruitment agencies in Newton, we have added additional notifications for Agency users and provided more flexibility in how these notifications can be configured.

Interview Scorecards and Scheduling Updates

To make it easier for you to review interview feedback, we have grouped Interview Scorecards by event (1st Phone Screen, 2nd Phone Screen, Interview, etc.) on the candidate profile page. With this, you can immediately identify which candidates scored highest on different stages of the interview process.

In this release, we also made improvements to Newton’s Interview Scheduling functionality. Now, if you try to reschedule an interview where at least one scorecard has already been submitted, you will receive an alert warning you that continuing will delete any feedback that has already been provided and rescind all other Interview Scorecard requests.

Easy Access to Minimum Qualifications

Immediately identify which Minimum Qualifications you use for a given job! When viewing the Minimum Qualifications tab on a job, those Minimum Qualifications that are already selected will now appear together at the top of the list.


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