How to find and attract qualified candidates with Newton

So you want to find and attract more quality candidates? Although sourcing is often the first thing that comes to mind here, the truth is there are 5 key factors that play a role in your ability to develop a strong talent pool:

  1. Performing a Good Intake
  2. Sourcing and Outreach
  3. Strategic Job Postings
  4. Social Recruiting and an Employee Referral Program
  5. A Great Employer Brand and Candidate Experience

1. Performing a Good Intake

If you don’t know who your ideal candidate is or how the role should be sold to them, you don’t stand a chance finding the right candidates and getting them to apply. This is where the candidate intake comes in. For every role you are hiring for, set aside time with your hiring managers to understand exactly what the role entails and who the ideal candidate is. This will help you:

  • Identify good passive candidates
  • Weed out unqualified candidates
  • Write enticing job descriptions
  • Better sell the role to candidates

2. Sourcing and Outreach

With the competitive nature of today’s job market, hiring for skilled positions often requires sourcing and outreach to passive candidates. Having completed your intake, you should have a good idea of what your ideal candidate profile is and how to effectively engage with them. For additional guidance on how to establish communication with passive candidates, read our blog post on writing recruiting email / InMail subject lines that drive candidate engagement.

3. Strategic Job Postings

Beyond outreach to passive candidates, millions of currently employed professionals browse for new employment opportunities on career sites like Indeed, Glassdoor, LinkedIn, and CareerBuilder daily. Having an easy way to post your jobs to these leading job boards where candidates will be looking for them is key for building a strong candidate pipeline. It also helps to have comprehensive source reporting that can tell you which of these sites is driving the most qualified candidates into your pipeline.

4. Social Recruiting and an Employee Referral Program

One of the most overlooked (not to mention cheapest) sources of high-quality candidates is your own workforce. Think about it- each of your employees has their own unique network ripe with pre-vetted, qualified candidates. Having social recruiting tools and an employee referral program to actionaize your workforce and enable them to tap into these talent pools is key for finding and attracting qualified candidates.

5. A Great Employer Brand and Candidate Experience

The final pillar of finding and attracting qualified candidates is how you present yourself to them:

  • How professional-looking is your careers page?
  • How do you “sell” your company and your open positions?
  • How long does your application process take?
  • What kind of communication do you provide candidates?
  • What kind of online employee reviews do you have?
  • What is your company culture like?

All of these factors tie into your candidate experience and employer brand, both of which play a large role in determining whether passive or active candidates will consider employment at your company.

Find and Attract More Qualified Candidates With Newton’s ATS

In recruiting, attracting qualified candidates and driving them to apply for your open jobs is your life-blood. Luckily, Newton was built by recruiters who understand this. Our recruitment platform comes with industry-leading features that enable you to build a strong employer brand and create a great candidate experience that eliminates friction and drives job seekers to apply. To learn more about finding quality candidates and how Newton can help you, attend our upcoming webinar on Thursday, April 26th 2018.


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