Work With Recruitment Agencies Directly In Newton

To kickoff the New Year with a bang, we’re making it easy to incorporate your recruiting agencies into Newton. Coming in January, we’ll be releasing Newton’s Agency Manager functionality! With Agency Manager, Newton users will be able to easily manage how they work with and receive candidates from recruitment agencies. Enhanced functionality will also provide visibility for your recruiting partners.

How Does Agency Manager Work?

1. Invite Recruitment Agencies You Work With to Join Newton

From within Newton, you will be able to invite recruitment agencies that you work with to create their own Newton account, free of charge. This Agency Manager account will be separate from your own and will allow agencies to submit candidates that they source directly to your Newton account.

2. Manage a List of “Approved Agencies”

In Newton you will be able to create a list of “Approved Agencies”- those agencies that you are okay to do business with. At any time, you will have the option to add or remove agencies.

3. Manage a List of Approved Jobs

With Agency Manager, you will also be able to dictate which jobs are available for agency search and which aren’t. Agencies can only see and submit candidates for jobs that you have approved and this authorization can be rescinded at any time.

4. Easily Identify Agency Submitted Candidates

The moment an agency submits a candidate to your Newton account, you will be notified. Plus, if that candidate is a duplicate of one that you already have in Newton, it will be flagged, allowing you to avoid any unnecessary recruitment fees. You can also easily search for agency submitted candidates in Newton and they will be identified as such on their candidate profile.

5. Utilize Information Request to Complete the Application Process

Agency Manager ties in perfectly to our recently released Information Request feature. Once a candidate’s resume is submitted by an agency, you can use information request to send them:

  • A full application to complete
  • EEO Questionnaire or Minimum Qualification questions
  • An abbreviated application
  • Etc…

Want to Learn More About Agency Manager?

Want to learn more about Agency Manager? Join Newton’s co-founders, Joel Passen and Steve Hazelton, for a live webinar as they unveil Agency Manager and our other major feature release, Information Request.


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