Easily Assess and Rank Your Candidates With Wonscore in Newton

Newton has partnered with Wonderlic, the leading provider of pre-employment testing. Users of Newton’s fully-featured applicant tracking system can now use Wonscore® pre-hire assessments to evaluate candidates. These completed assessments are captured instantly in Newton so users have yet another data point beyond a resume and job application to evaluate talent.

How Wonscore Helps You Hire

Pre-hire assessments from Wonscore add valuable data-driven insights to your hiring process and help you make better hiring decisions. Here are some of the benefits of using Wonscore and Newton:

  • Identify top talent early: The best candidates stand out from the rest immediately, allowing you to hire them before the competition.
  • Save time: Eliminate time spent with unqualified candidates – don’t burn cycles on candidates that don’t possess the skills and personality attributes that make your team successful.
  • Reduce turnover/increase employee retention: Avoid toxic candidates and bad hires that end up costing your company thousands of dollars.
  • Increase productivity: When the right people are in the right seats, highly productive teams can flourish.
  • Add legal defensibility: Testing brings objectivity to the process and is more defensible than an interview.

How Wonscore Works


Wonscore’s assessments are scientifically proven (backed by a database of 1,100+ jobs) to predict a given candidate’s job performance based on:

  • Cognitive Ability – How well can the applicants understand instructions, problem solve
    and learn new skills?
  • Motivation – Which applicants have a strong internal drive and are likely to be engaged
    and high-performing?
  • Personality – Does the applicant have the traits and disposition that are aligned with the demands of the job?



After completing a Wonscore assessment, your candidate will be given an overall score on a scale of 1-100 that gives you their potential “fit” for that role. This single score makes it easy to quickly compare candidates and identify high-potential candidates.


After comparing Wonscore results for your candidates, you will know which are scientifically proven to be the “best fit” for the role. Have finalists that are neck-and-neck? Wonscore gives you the insights you need to make data-driven decisions.

Get Started With Newton + Wonscore Today!

If you are interested in learning more about Wonscore in Newton, contact partnerships@newtonsoftware.com.

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