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Do you struggle seeing eye-to-eye with your hiring managers? Or are you constantly waiting on their feedback? If yes, you’re not alone. Although hiring manager involvement is the number one indicator of successful recruiting, only 13% of hiring managers are actively engaged in the process.

At Newton we know how challenging this can be. In working with hundreds of employees we developed a foolproof strategy for keeping your hiring managers actively engaged throughout the key stages of recruiting. In our upcoming webinar, we will be sharing this strategy with you.


Webinar: Managing Your Hiring Managers for Successful Recruiting
Presenter: Joel Passen, Newton Co-founder and Recruiting Expert
Time: November 9, 2017 at 11:00AM PST, 2PM EST

About the Speaker,  Joel Passen

Joel Passen is Newton’s Co-Founder and VP of Sales and Marketing. With 20+ years of experience as a leader in the recruiting industry, he knows all too well the struggles that come with managing hiring managers in recruiting. Joel has consolidated that experience and is excited to share his step-by-step guide to keeping your hiring managers engaged throughout the recruitment process. Join him in this webinar to learn how you can apply it to your company.

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