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Are You Losing Time and Money to Manual Onboarding Processes?

Once someone is hired at your company, what does the new employee onboarding process look like? How do you manage sending, receiving, and storing the necessary onboarding forms and making sure that new hires get them completed in a timely manner? Things like I-9s, W-4s, State and Federal Tax Forms, and other required company documents?

Manual Employee Onboarding Processes Costly for Employers

At many companies, such tasks are managed manually via paper and pen. Some send out new hire packages in the mail and hope that everything is completed on the first day. Others sit with their new hires on the first day and spend hours filling out onboarding paperwork. More advanced organizations send out emails with PDF attachments but even this method is flawed. How are new hires supposed to get the forms back to you? And when they do, you still have to hassle with the manual filing of paperwork.

Although the methods above may get the job done, they are costly and inefficient. You have to pay for printing, postage, and shipping. You have to spend hours organizing and processing paperwork and making sure that it is stored in a secure location. You and your new hire lose hours of productivity. Not a great first impression or new hire experience. And imagine these costs multiplied across all of the hires that you make throughout the year!

How Much Time and Money Is Manual Onboarding Costing You?

Streamline Your New Hire Process With Paperless Onboarding

Lucky for you, there is a better way. With our Employee Onboarding Software, you can digitize and automate the processing of new hire paperwork all while improving the candidate experience for your new hires. Our platform is mobile-optimized so new hires can complete onboarding forms from any device. Not to mention, our system manages and monitors your tax documentation for you so that you stay compliant.

How Does Paperless Onboarding Work?

Our employee onboarding software is seamlessly integrated to Newton’s ATS, allowing for the collection of new hire information to begin the moment that a new hire accepts your offer. From within Newton, simply trigger onboarding and your new hire will be guided through the following stages:

1. Customizable New Hire Welcome Page

When your new hire begins the onboarding process, they will be greeted by a welcome page that you can customize to your preference. Upload logos, images, text, and even videos to guarantee a great first impression.

2. Personal Information and Work Opportunity Tax Credits (WOTC)

Although your candidate’s information will flow seamlessly over from Newton, there is additional personal information that needs to be collected during the onboarding stage. Within our onboarding software, your employees will be guided through the collection of this information.

Additionally, our onboarding solution asks several questions to determine whether your new hire is eligible for work opportunity tax credits (WOTC). Surprisingly, 15% of new hires qualify for WOTC, however, many employers simply don’t capture the information necessary to collect on this, leaving money on the table (the average savings per WOTC eligible hire is $2,000). With our onboarding platform, we make it easy to collect this information and help you drive revenue back into your HR and recruiting budget.

3. Electronic I-9 Completion

Based on your employee’s answers to a few basic questions, an I-9 form is automatically generated for them within onboarding, which can be completed with e-signature.

4. Direct Deposit

Improve efficiency and reduce mistakes by allowing new hires to set up Direct Deposit directly within our employee onboarding software. New hires are prompted to enter their routing numbers (yes, they can set up more than one account) electronically and their bank account automatically populates for them to review. No more deciphering cryptic routing numbers on your end.

5. W-4s and Other State and Federal Tax Forms

Never worry about forgetting to send a critical document. Our onboarding system prompts employees to provide their zip code and based on this, the correct State and Federal tax forms are automatically generated for them. New hires are then prompted through the process of completing these forms, step-by-step.

6. Collect Additional Information

Have a few additional pieces of information that you need collect? Things like:

  • Do you need a parking spot?
  • What is your license plate number?
  • What size shirt should we have for you?

In our onboarding software, you can ask unlimited questions that can be customized to your preference. This helps you get “first day” questions out of the way before the first day.

7. Attach Company Documents

Upload important company documents and policies, such as an employee handbook or a social media policy, for new employees to review and sign-off digitally.

8. Track the Entire Process

With electronic acknowledgment, easily track which forms new hires have completed and review them to ensure accuracy.

9. Fully Self-Service

Within onboarding, your new hires receive smart prompts along the way that guide them through the forms and paperwork that they need to fill out. No more sitting with employees on their first or answering endless email questions to walk them through the process.

Save Time and Money With Employee Onboarding Software

Are you losing time to manual onboarding processes and new hire paperwork? To find out, take our 30-second Onboarding ROI calculator below. Based on your answers to a few basic questions, we assess how much you can save with our Employee Onboarding Software.

Calculate My Savings!

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