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Is Your Job Application Scaring Away Candidates?

The candidate experience of a job application scaring candidates away from applying.

The Candidate Experience of Your Careers Page Could Be Driving Away Job Seekers 

Not been seeing the number and quality of candidates that you want? Blame it on job search engines, a competitive job market, your garbage ATS, but the reality is that the problem may lie with you. Have you evaluated the candidate experience offered by your careers page and online applications recently?

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Poor Candidate Experience of Job Applications Restricts Candidate Pool

Did you know that the average conversion rate from online job applications remains below 5%? This means job seekers have no problems finding jobs, however, there are barriers keeping them from actually applying. As a hiring professional, this should be alarming. Successful hiring is dependent upon the health of your candidate pipeline, and if your application is driving away 95% of job seekers, that’s a major bottleneck!

How Can You Improve the Candidate Experience of Your Job Application and Drive More Candidates to Apply?

For starters, get a free assessment of your Job Applications here. Based on knowledge and experience that we have gained over two decades in the recruitment industry, we built out this assessment to evaluate your careers page on the areas most influential to the candidate experience.

We’ve identified the following 4 factors that directly impact application rate. Our assessment will evaluate you on these 4 factors and identify whether you are driving candidates to apply or are scaring them away:


  • -Make your jobs easy to find on your website.
  • -Give your careers page a human element.

Length and Complexity

  • -Keep your application under 10 minutes.
  • -Limit the number of questions and steps in your online application.

Application Technology

  • -Make it mobile-friendly.
  • -Provide easy apply features.


  • -Follow-up with every candidate that applies.

Get Your Free 7-Step Guide to Increasing Application Rates

The above is a quick overview. For the full 7-Step Guide to Attracting More Candidates, follow the button below to download your free guide.


Click this button to get your free guide to improving the candidate experience of your online job application and drive more candidates to apply.

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