Coming Soon – Employee Onboarding With Newton’s Applicant Tracking

Are you giving your new employees the best first impression? We’ve discussed how a new hire win can’t really be counted and the offer isn’t closed until the employee shows up for the first day. What is missing from the story is the gap of time between the offer letter and the first day. A critical stage that is often a second thought – employee onboarding.

Starting Off Right

With a bad hire costing 2-3 times that person’s salary, employers can’t afford to start off on the wrong foot. Coming this summer, Newton will have integrated new employee onboarding tied to employer’s applicant tracking software. This solution makes it easy to connect with new hires before their first day, filling that critical gap in time, and reducing administrative processes. Roll out the red carpet with tailored welcome messages, making the candidate feel like a part of the company before they walk in the door.

Engage Sooner & Increase Productivity

Candidates can receive completely mobile, step-by-step walkthroughs of every document that an employer needs to collect. W-4’s, I-9’s, tax and payroll deductions, employee handbooks, and any other documents that an employer requires can all be reviewed and signed electronically before the new employee’s first day! Not only does this help engage your new employees sooner, it also ensures that they don’t spend their first day or two mulling through paperwork. New employees enter more prepared, informed, and productive from the start.

Key Benefits

• Go digital – eliminate paperwork and human error

◦ Is that a 1 or a 7? A P or a D? Mistakes happen. Handwriting can be tough to decipher. Go digital and reduce the risk of critical information being misread.
• Start new employee onboarding sooner

◦ Why wait? With Newton’s onboarding, employers can welcome their new hires and start the paperwork process as soon as they’d like. New employees can become more productive faster than ever.
• Reduce administrative work

◦ Automated workflows and new employee self-service onboarding means less administrative work and more time to focus on bigger goals.
• Connect on any device

◦ Both the new hire and the company administrators can access onboarding from any laptop, tablet, or mobile phone. Does your organization offer mobile applications? Keep the seamless experience with mobile onboarding.
• Stay compliant

◦ Federal and state documents are all included. Never worry about forgetting to send one critical document. Plus, all documents can be reviewed by the Administration team to ensure accuracy.


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