How Can e-Recruiting Improve Your Hiring Processes?

e-Recruiting is the use of digital tools and online services to more effectively attract, engage, manage, interview, and hire new employees. Think of e-recruiting like online dating. How many people can you find in one bar? 20? 30? That’s like pinning a “Help Wanted” sign on the window of your business. Now, if you join any one of the online dating services you instantly open yourself up to millions of possible matches. Not to mention, online dating services also provide you with tools to help manage your communication and relationships with potential matches.

e-Recruiting is the same concept. Using job boards like Indeed, you get your open positions in front of a massive pool of qualified candidates who would not have otherwise seen it. And e-Recruiting doesn’t stop here. With tools like applicant tracking systems, e-Recruiting can be woven throughout your entire internal recruiting process, streamlining everything from candidate communication and interview scheduling, to background checks and offer letter presentation.

Benefits of e-Recruiting

The benefits of e-Recruiting are massive and can be realized along every step of the recruiting lifecycle. Below, we break down how e-Recruiting tools facilitate the three major stages of hiring new employees:

Attract and Engage

  • -Seamlessly post your open positions to the leading job boards
  • -Improve your candidate experience and candidate conversion rates with customizable, mobile-friendly careers pages and online applications
  • -Create and manage employee referral programs and social recruiting to boost your employer brand

Manage and Interview

  • -Facilitate the decisions that drive hiring with smart recruiting workflows
  • -Streamline interview scheduling through Outlook and Gmail calendar integrations
  • -Manage all your applicants from one centralized database
  • -Keep your hiring team actively involved in the recruiting process through interview scorecards and interactive candidate feedback
  • -Measure your recruiting performance with advanced dashboards and analytics

Offer and Onboard

  • Wow potential hires and reduce tedious paperwork with digital offer letter templates
  • Avoid the costs of a bad hire with integrated background checks and pre-hire assessments
  • Never worry about being audited again with built-in EEOC and OFCCP compliance
  • Seamlessly transfer new hire data into your other systems like payroll or HRIS with onboarding software

Overall Benefits of e-Recruiting include

  • -Huge talent pool to choose from using the reach of the entire internet
  • -Lower cost per candidate
  • -Access to candidates anywhere in the world
  • -Improved candidate experience, which results in higher candidate conversion rates and more positive brand equity
  • -Data is stored in one place and the entire candidate history is at your fingertips
  • -Government compliance reporting is automatically managed
  • -Automation of mundane tasks like emailing and interview scheduling is automated but still personalized

Who Should use e-Recruiting

There are not many people who WOULDN’T benefit from e-Recruiting software and techniques. Whether your company has 3 employees or 3,000, you will always need to hire as you grow or replace employees that move on. Any small or medium-sized business (SMB), even if you don’t have an HR role or department, can benefit from the efficiency of an e-recruiting tool just as a large company can E-recruiting can also help you compete with larger companies or their competition to find and hire the best employees so their business can prosper.

A large company, of course, makes it essential that they take advantage of the single point of data collection since they have so many people working within the same Human Resources function. Keeping all of the feedback, interviews, offer letters, and acceptances all within one system allows a large group of people to work together without stepping on toes or letting candidates fall through the cracks.

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