Goldilocks represents a happy employer who picked the best ats for her business.

Deciding Which Applicant Tracking System (ATS) Is Best for Your Business

Purchasing an applicant tracking system is a pivotal decision for any business. After all, the people you hire are your most valuable assets and you need a system in place to effectively attract, engage, and close your top candidates (not to mention streamline and organize all of these activities into a scalable, repeatable process).

However, choosing the best ATS for your business is no easy task. The applicant tracking system market is crowded with over 200 vendors. Under these circumstances, discerning what separates one system from the next is nearly impossible, even for high-level questions like:

  • -How easy will it be to get my team up and running?
  • -How soon can we go live with the system?
  • -Does it have all of the features that I need?
  • -What level of customer support will I receive?

Goldilocks and the Three Applicant Tracking Systems

So as experts in this space, how do we makes sense of it all? How do we cut through the noise to get to the information that really matters? We turn to fairy tales.

Seriously. Everybody knows the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears and funny enough, it’s the perfect metaphor for the applicant tracking system market. Similar to the predicament that Goldilocks faces in finding the right bed to fit her needs, there are three general categories of ATS vendors to choose from.

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This Bed Is Too Big

If you don't choose the best ats for your business, you will end up feeling like Goldilocks in too large of a bed.

As the story goes, the first bed that Goldi climbs into is far too big and rigid for her liking. She becomes lost in a sea of linens and can’t get comfortable because it’s all just too much. Similarly, this is how you will feel dealing with larger ATSs that cater more to the enterprise market (2500+ full-time employees). Sure these systems are feature rich and ultra-customizable, but they also bring excessive complexity, long activation cycles, low engagement rates, and a hefty price tag. In the end, dealing with these applicant tracking systems often leaves HR and recruiting pros feeling fatigued and disappointed.

This Bed Is Too Small

If you don't choose the best ats for your business, you will end up feeling like Goldilocks in too small of a bed.

Next, Goldi finds a smaller bed that looks far more comfortable and is just so easy to climb into. However, after climbing in, she quickly realizes that her feet hang off the end, the covers are too small, and the bed creaks when she moves – Goldi is exposed and uncomfortable.

Dealing with a “Bed Is Too Small” ATS will leave you feeling the same way. At first, they seem to meet your needs perfectly. They have that one feature that’s really cool and the price is right. However, in the end, employers are forced to switch from these solutions because they need more control, better automation, fewer workarounds, more attentive support, and faster feature release cycles.

This Bed Is Just Right

If you choose the best ats for your business, you will feel comfortable like Goldilocks in the bed that fits her just right.

In the end, Goldilocks finds the bed that’s just right and she falls into a deep, comfortable sleep. She chose a bed with room to grow, a high-level of support, and she still has enough money in her pocket to splurge on a five-star porridge restaurant (she might even go during the work week because her bed is up-and-running before any bears can come home).

For small-and-medium-sized employers, a Bed Is Just Right solution offers the perfect mix of features, functionality, and customer support. The technology is robust, yet user-friendly meaning that everyone can get up and running with little training and no complaining. Furthermore, activation timelines are measured in days and weeks. Onboarding sessions are led by dedicated experts provided for free by the vendor (never a salesperson). Lastly, support is US-based, available via phone and email and, most important, always responsive.

So Which Bed Is Right for You?

That’s for you to decide. However, we think we have a pretty awesome applicant tracking system for small-and-medium-sized companies. Currently, 2000+ companies use Newton to streamline recruiting and hiring. Want to learn more? Check out our product video below!



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