A hiring professional successfully shares his recruiting KPIs using Newton’s recruiting metrics spreadsheet.

Easily Track Your Hiring Performance With Newton’s Recruiting Metrics Spreadsheet

Truthfully, we think it’s a crime for any modern recruiting or HR department to be hiring without an applicant tracking system. However, if you’re still building that business case for new recruiting technology, we’re here to help you in the meantime.

A Practical Approach to Measuring Recruiting Metrics

At Newton, we understand the struggle of manually tracking recruiting metrics. Sure, big data in recruiting may be what’s sexy, but you don’t need sexy. You need practical. Having run our own recruiting businesses for decades before recruiting software was widely available, we spent years developing recruiting metrics spreadsheets. Now that we have an applicant tracking system to automatically track and record all of this information for us, we figured that there is no harm in sharing our templates with you! Prior to building Newton (which now manages all of these reporting tasks for us) we relied on a spreadsheet much like the one linked below to track our recruitment performance.

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KPIs Tracked by Newton’s recruiting metrics spreadsheet:

  • Average Time-to-Hire
  • Candidate Source Summary
  • Stage-to-Stage Recruiting Velocity
  • Current Candidate Pipeline Reports
  • Funnel Breakdowns
  • Reasons for Non-Selection

P.S. – There’s an Easier Way To Track Your Recruiting Metrics

Although our spreadsheets and dashboards help, the reality is that manually tracking recruiting metrics is burdensome no matter how you dice it. Good news. That’s why we built Newton- to automate this entire process for you. Want to see how easy your life can be? Contact us today.

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