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Build Your Business Case With Newton’s ROI Calculator

Chances are, if you’re reading this, you already know that manual recruiting processes are costing you time and money. But putting an exact number to those hours lost…. to those dollars wasted… therein always lied the challenge. But no longer. To help you build a business case for that much needed recruiting technology, we have created an applicant tracking system ROI Calculator. Simply follow the link below and see how much time and money Newton can save you today.

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How Are Your Savings Calculated?

First, we break hiring down into its three stages:

1. Attracting

2. Engaging

3. Closing

Based on the time that you spend on the fundamental recruiting activities found within each of these stages, we can then calculate your time and cost savings from automating manual recruiting processes with an applicant tracking system.

Why Applicant Tracking System ROI Matters

Having worked in the recruiting industry for decades, no one understands the importance of efficient hiring better than we do. We built Newton because we were tired of wasting time and money on manual recruiting activities and outdated recruitment software. We were passionate about creating something that made life easier- and not only for recruiters like ourselves, but for everyone involved in the recruiting process- HR professionals, hiring managers, even CEOs.

How Newton Helps You Save

The ROI of an Newton is simple. It saves you time, money, and sanity through organization, automation, and standardization.


All of your jobs, applicants, candidates, resumes, hiring managers, interviews, reports – literally everything! – now live in one centralized place.


Once labor-intensive tasks like sorting resumes, communicating with candidates, posting jobs, scheduling interviews, collecting interview feedback, and compiling performance reports- these all become automated through advanced workflows.


Inconsistencies are eliminated through a standardized approach to recruiting. With features like dynamic email templates, job and offer approvals, pre-built analytics, and built-in compliance, we give you the structure that you need to properly manage everything.

The Importance of Transparent Pricing for Applicant Tracking System ROI

It is impossible to effectively measure ROI without first knowing cost. That’s why we keep Newton’s pricing simple. Unlike other vendors in our space who will charge per employee, per “seat,” or per feature, Newton comes with one flat-fee. You will always know the honest, full cost up-front and we’ll never trick you with hidden costs or fees. The price on the sticker is the price that you pay, period. This means your ROI will remain the same regardless of the features that you want to use, the amount your company grows, or the number of jobs that you have to fill. Sound like something you might be interested in?

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