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Newton and Glassdoor Announce New Partnership


At a time when small and medium-size employers are looking for the best ways to attract new employees, Newton is collaborating with Glassdoor to provide companies with unprecedented efficiency in promoting jobs. Employers can send their jobs to Glassdoor without ever leaving Newton and receive real-time tracking and reports on these posts.



Glassdoor, the world’s most transparent jobs and recruiting marketplace, is the latest partner to join Newton’s Marketplace. Newton’s integrated offering provides employers with a premium channel to attract new employees without ever leaving their ATS. With free and paid job promotions, employers can expand their candidate reach like never before.



Control Users and Purchasing Power

  • Newton users have the ability to authorize specific individuals to purchase promoted jobs. Plus, notifications are sent for every purchase, allowing for real-time spend management and tracking.

Set It & Forget It Monthly Budgets

  • Newton will track all spend and will keep users from going over budget. Easy to read dashboards let users see how much of the budget has been spent and how much is remaining so that the budget always stays on track.

Spend Alerts and Reporting

  • Notifications specify who make a purchase, what was purchased, and for which job. This level of detail makes it simple to report on the ROI of each promoted job posting.



Calling all Newton customers – join our Expert Session on March 1st to learn more about this latest partnership and posting jobs to Glassdoor.

Reserve your spot now!

Wednesday, March 1st

11: 00 am PT / 2:00 pm ET



Connect with one of our ATS experts today and learn more about how Newton can help power the recruiting and hiring efforts at your organization.

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