A sick recruiter sits at his desk with a thermometer and an RX prescription paper calling out some of the symptoms of inefficient recruiting processes that can be fixed with an applicant tracking system.

Are You Plagued by Inefficient Recruiting Processes? Here Are the 13 Symptoms That It’s Time for an Applicant Tracking System.

Recruiting is a complicated job. Between managing multiple open job reqs, understanding the needs of various hiring managers, and communicating with hundreds of candidates at any given time, you’re already running a million miles a minute in multiple directions. Considering this, you don’t have time to spare trying to get by with manual recruiting processes.

We understand this pain. Having run recruiting programs for more than a decade, we know a thing or two about the challenges of hiring. In fact, the founding team at Newton cut their teeth in the trenches of corporate recruiting. Before we had Newton, we used to cobble together spreadsheets and emails (and sometimes even clunky, outdated applicant tracking systems) in an attempt to manage our recruiting projects. It always felt like we were fighting an uphill battle. We were frustrated.

Sound familiar? Chances are, you’re dealing with some of the same problems that we have faced over the years. To help you diagnose your specific pain points, we have compiled the top 13 symptoms that correspond to inefficient recruiting processes holding you back. These are the same symptoms that we encountered as corporate recruiters and they were the driving force behind the creation of Newton. Take a look at our list below and see if any of these “symptoms” are plaguing you. If the answer is yes, save yourself the time and frustration. See how Newton’s applicant tracking system can simplify your life and streamline your recruiting processes today.

1. You’re “Tracking and Managing” Hiring with Email, Spreadsheets, or Worse, Paper…

Recruiting is one of the most complex business functions. Why? Just think of all the different touchpoints and processes that you must manage. The average job opening receives 250 applicants. That is 250 individual people that you must manage and correspond with. Beyond this, you also must be coordinating with your hiring managers and interviewers to ensure that everybody is on the same page. Pretty overwhelming right? And that’s only for one job! Considering this, hoping to stay afloat using emails, spreadsheets, and folders is a pipe dream. And if you’re hiring for more than one job? Even Neo would get lost in that matrix.

Newton’s Remedy

With Newton’s comprehensive recruiting dashboards, we give you “air traffic control” for your entire recruiting process at-a-glance. No matter the job, the stage, or the candidate in question, you always have full transparency and can immediately identify where you stand. What’s more is that Newton’s dashboards are tied directly to our trademarked Green is go. Red is no. recruiting workflows, which makes it easy for you to efficiently move candidates through your pipeline.

2. Your Career Page Looks Like It Was Built Circa 2002.

You know the saying first impressions count? This same idea applies to your career page. Your career page is a representation of your company- the first point of contact that most candidates will have with your brand. If you were searching for a job and came to an unprofessional looking career page, would you be confident applying? Hopefully not!

Although candidates can come from multiple channels, it is inevitable that most will visit your career page before applying. In fact, Talent Board found that job seekers rate career pages as the #1 resource when looking for jobs and according to Bersin by Deloitte, company career pages have the highest candidate conversion rates. Such a foundational piece of your recruiting efforts can’t be left to chance.

Newton’s Remedy

Never worry about the appearance of your career page again. With minimal IT work, Newton’s support team will get a beautiful, fully-branded career page up and running on your site in no time. Furthermore, your career page will seamlessly integrate with Newton so that when applicants apply, they immediately flow into the system.

3. Your Job Applicants Have to Apply Like It’s 2002.

Not long ago, job seekers were at the mercy of employers. However, as the market has shifted and job seekers have become empowered through new technology, this scenario has been flipped on its head. With these changes, we are seeing the rise of the “connected candidate.” These empowered job seekers expect a certain “candidate experience,” and if your application process fails to meet these expectations, job seekers will simply look elsewhere. So what is it that drives these candidates away?

A Complex and Lengthy Application Process

Studies show that complex and lengthy job applications lead to higher candidate drop-off rates. Indeed found that 30% of all job seekers and 57% of more experienced job seekers will forgo filling out an application if it takes longer than 15 minutes to complete. Furthermore, companies with 45 screener questions or more lose 88.7% of their applicants during the application process. So what is the ideal length of an online job application? According to an article published by SHRM, having an application that takes under 5 minutes to complete can increase application conversion rates by 365%. Not convinced? Just take a look at the success rate vs. completion time of applications within Newton’s employer database!


Non Mobile-Friendly Applications

As the mobile revolution continues its proliferation around the globe, we are seeing drastic changes in job seeker behavior. Both Glassdoor and Kelton found that nearly 9 in 10 job seekers use their mobile devices to initiate the job search. On Indeed alone, 70% of clicks from Millennials and Gen Xers and 50% of clicks from Baby Boomers come from mobile devices.

Newton’s Remedy

At Newton, candidate experience is key, so we make it easy for you to meet job applicants where they are at. Our online job applications are fully customizable (we offer Spanish applications too!) and are even optimized for mobile job seekers. Never worry about losing candidates to outdated job applications again.

4. Finding That Candidate You Liked Is Like Finding a Needle in a Haystack.

The beautiful thing about recruiting is that good work today often reaps benefits tomorrow. With each new candidate, there comes a new set of data that we like to refer to as “recruiting currency.” Even if a candidate doesn’t work out for your current req, they still may be a good fit for a position down the road. Whatever the situation, you need a way to easily search for and identify applicants within your candidate pool.

“Remember that one really great candidate…. what was her name?”

But what happens if you have no way to easily go back and search through the candidate information that you have accumulated? All of that work building up your recruiting currency is now wasted. Finding a specific candidate amidst the hundreds or even thousands of applicants scattered throughout your email threads, resume stacks, spreadsheets, and folders is like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

Newton’s Remedy

Newton lets you find that needle in the haystack. With our advanced candidate search functionality, Newton treats applicant data like intellectual property. Immediately identify candidates based on their application information, and even take deeper dives searching for more advanced information like:

  • -Commute radius (radius search)
  • -Skills and/or qualifications in resume and employment applications
  • -Current or past employers
  • -Salary history
  • -Candidate notes, comments, and interview feedback

5. Scheduling Interviews Is Like Herding Cats.

Attracting and engaging people that you want to interview is hard enough. But scheduling interviews with those candidates is like herding cats. First, you volley emails back and forth with candidates to find their availability. Then, you have to spend countless hours playing calendar Tetris, trying to align candidate and interviewer availability. Even when this is complete, you’re still not done. Once interview times have been decided upon, you have to write emails to all parties involved including information like:

  • -Interview date, time, and location (including a link to a Google map)
  • -Building details: parking, floor number, etc.
  • -Interviewer name and title
  • -Documents to bring to the interview

Newton’s Remedy

Newton seamlessly integrates with both Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendars – no coding or complex IT support required. These deep integrations form the foundation for Newton’s powerful interview scheduling tool. With interview scheduling, immediately identify free/busy times of your interviewers and schedule interview times straight to their calendars without ever leaving Newton. It’s like having a personal recruiting coordinator!

image of Newton's applicant tracking system interview scheduling functionality

6. You Follow-Up with Candidates…. When Time Allows for It….

Did you know that half of all job applicants never receive an update on the status of their candidacy? It’s no wonder that the modern job seeker often feels like they are shooting applications into a black hole.

Every applicant deserves closure. As hiring professionals (and to be honest, as human beings) it’s our duty to treat people with dignity. However, when communication slips through the cracks, we can hardly be to blame. Staying on top of all the candidates in your pipeline is challenging enough. Manually managing communication with all of them? No shot.

Newton’s Remedy

We’ve been there. We know your pain. Having been recruiters ourselves and managed recruiting organizations for over two decades, proactive candidate communication was always one of our biggest challenges. To alleviate this pain point, we built Newton with automated, stage-specific thank you letters. We’re talking configurable templates for every stage of your recruiting process, which can be scheduled, delayed, and even edited on the fly. But don’t thank us just yet! How about all of those other emails that you always seem to be sending out?

  • -Interview feedback
  • -Directions to the office
  • -Interview confirmations
  • -Request for references

How many times do you think you’ve written these same recruiting emails? Just like with thank you letters, Newton provides stage-specific email templates for these frequent recruiting tasks as well.

7. When Leadership Asks You to Compile Status Reports, a Part of You Dies Inside.

Leadership loves metrics. They want hard numbers that immediately quantify your value to the organization. Top employees are marked by their ability to provide such information readily. In recent years, “big data” has become all the rage and because recruiting is a profession marked by high activity and readily measurable outcomes, metrics often run rampant. Unfortunately, this often makes it hard to separate the signal from the noise. Knowing which numbers to focus on and assessing what they indicate can be overwhelming. If you have to crunch these numbers manually, you don’t stand a chance.

Newton’s Remedy

With Newton’s robust reporting and analytics suite, there’s a better way. Immediately get answers to the most frequently asked recruiting questions. Not sure where to start? We break it down on a sage-by-stage basis so that you can zoom in on areas of interest and glean insights with ease. Take control and get to the metrics that drive decisions. Never fear a staffing meeting again!

Screenshot of Newton's applicant tracking system analytics and reporting

8. You’ve Been Meaning to Tackle Recruiting Compliance for the Past…..

Let’s be real. No one likes dealing with compliance. It gets in the way, keeps you from doing your job efficiently, and takes away from time that you need to spend doing your actual job. Recruiting is a fast-paced profession and successful hiring is driven by rapid activity. You don’t have time to be bogged down managing all of the different laws and regulations issued by bodies like the EEOC and the OFCCP (especially when they seem to be changing daily!).

Newton’s Remedy

Despite this, compliance needs to be managed somehow. Audits increase every year and failure to pass leads to extensive fines and large investments of time to remedy any violations. Lucky for you, Newton has EEOC / OFCCP compliance functionality built-in so that every action you take is protected come audit season. Applicant flow logs, hire and offers logs, reasons for non-selection, minimum requirements, Section 503 and VEVRAA compliance. Newton has you covered so that you can spend time worrying about what really matters.

9. Posting to Job Sites Is a Timely, Manual Process That Must Be Done One Website at a Time.

Posting and advertising your open positions on job sites should be an exciting endeavor, not some time sink that you dread. After all, no other activity gets your position in front of the eyes of so many candidates with the click of a few buttons. However, do you find yourself spending hours having to manually post your jobs to each job site separately?

Newton’s Remedy

At Newton, we deal with the middle man so that you can get your jobs posted fast. Through deep integrations with the leading job boards and career sites like LinkedIn, Indeed, CareerBuilder, Monster, and Glassdoor, you can get your jobs posted across all channels with the click of a button. Furthermore, within Newton’s marketplace, you have full control of your job advertising activity through advanced features like spend management, job advertising package discounts, and even one-click apply options that offer the ideal candidate experience.

10. You Don’t Have a Consistent Process for Offer Presentations

Making a job offer is the culmination of weeks of work. Considering this, it would be foolish to leave this stage to chance. Unfortunately, we see this happen over and over again as many hiring professionals rely on manual delivery processes that are inconsistent, unreliable, and detrimental to the candidate experience. Still mailing or faxing offer letters? You might as well be using a carrier pigeon! Even emailing a PDF attachment can be troublesome for the candidate. How do they sign, date stamp the PDF, and deliver it back to you?

Newton’s Remedy

Newton’s digital offer letters allow you to wow the modern job seeker and make it that much easier for them to say yes. Through integrations with digital signature providers, digital offer letters provide a seamless and consistent process, from delivery and review, to signing and returning.

11. Your Hiring Managers Aren’t Actively Involved in the Recruiting Process.

One of the biggest challenges in recruiting is keeping hiring managers actively involved. Studies have found that the level of collaboration between hiring professionals and hiring managers is a key indicator of recruiting success.

So how do you get those hiring managers involved? Some great first steps are:

  • -Enabling them to automate their recruiting tasks
  • -Giving them transparency into the recruiting process
  • -Granting them easy access to the recruiting data

Newton’s Remedy

At Newton, having been recruiters ourselves, we understood this and built our applicant tracking system accordingly. With features like Newton Echo, recruiting becomes a part of hiring managers’ daily routines rather than an impediment upon their typical work duties. Such easy-to-use functionality means minimal training for hiring managers and leads to the highest user adoption rates in the ATS industry.

12. Social Recruiting and Employee Referral Programs Are on Your Radar, but You Don’t Know Where to Start.

Social recruiting and employee referral programs can offer some serious recruiting ROI. Studies have found that when managed properly, these initiatives attract the highest quality candidates for a fraction of the cost. However, such programs also come with serious responsibility. When poorly managed, they can place a serious strain on your recruiting efforts, be detrimental to your candidate experience, and ultimately harm your employer brand.

Newton’s Remedy

At Newton, having built out social recruiting and employee referral programs, we understood this dilemma. Using this foresight, we built social recruiting and employee referral apps directly into our applicant tracking system so that you can easily manage these efforts and attract top candidates.

13. You Dread the Approval Process for Jobs and Offers

We’ve all heard the horror stories. You had the perfect candidate and were ready to extend an offer, but were blocked waiting for the offer to be approved. In the meantime, a competing offer was made and the candidate fell through your grasp. Are you constantly stalled waiting for job and offer approvals? Do you find yourself constantly chasing down (or emailing) business leadership for those approvals? Do you wish there was a better way to expedite and track the approval process?

Newton’s Remedy

Newton’s job and offer approval processes provide all of this and more. They are user-friendly, automated, and email-driven, meaning that approvals can be facilitated without disrupting the workflow of your coworkers. Furthermore, Newton sends smart alerts and provides approval dashboards so that you have the control you need to move hiring forward.

We’ve Walked in Your Shoes. Now Let Us Help You Take the Next Steps to Improving Your Recruiting and Hiring Program.

We’ve spent our Friday afternoons building reports. We’ve hunted through countless emails and spreadsheets to find that candidate or collect that interview feedback. We’ve begged managers to interview candidates. We’ve struggled to follow up with every applicant. We’ve fought with IT to update our careers pages. We’ve walked in your shoes.

Through these experiences, we have a real understanding of the processes that promote successful hiring and we created Newton to drive these processes. We offer Newton for a fair, affordable price and we provide the level of customer service that we’d expect as customers. Are you ready to streamline your hiring process and simplify your life? Connect with a Newton ATS expert today.

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