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Turn Applicant Data Into Recruiting Currency With Candidate Search

Today we’re excited to announce the coming release of our advanced Candidate Search functionality. This re-design offers enhancements that will allow recruiters and HR professionals to quickly and easily make use of recruiting data that they have accumulated over time.

As jobs become harder to fill, the value of employers’ recruiting data grows exponentially. Each submitted job application becomes a collection of data, so that even if a candidate isn’t a fit for the current role, their files are kept securely in the cloud for future use. Most employers have thousands of resumes and job applications on file, making finding the right candidate for a specific job a daunting task.

Advanced Candidate Search – The Enhancements

Introducing Newton’s advanced Candidate Search. With over 15 new search filters, the enhancements make sorting through data easier and more efficient than ever. Just a taste of the new details that you will be able to filter by:

-Commute radius (radius search)

-Skills and/or tags in resume and employment applications

-Current or past employers

-Notes, comments, and interview feedback

-Salary history

Newton Customers Drive Product Innovation

Many of these new features and search filters were inspired by feedback from Newton’s active user community and customer advocates, Newton Elite. While Newton is designed and developed by corporate recruiting professionals, customer product suggestions drive innovation across the company and are regularly included in the product roadmap.

Read the full press release here.

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