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Watch Our Bootcamp Video and Learn How You Can Perfect the Candidate Journey!

Missed out on our latest Bootcamp? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered! View the webinar from our Ideal Candidate Journey Bootcamp below. In the video, Newton’s co-founder and recruiting expert, Joel Passen, provides a comprehensive overview of the steps that you must take to create an enjoyable candidate experience and drive job seekers through your application process.

Key Topics Covered

  • Evolution of the modern job seeker
  • How to optimize your hiring process to meet job seekers’ expectations
  • Streamlining your application process through mobile-optimization and simplification
  • Nurturing applicants through the candidate journey
  • Navigating the intersection of Talent and Technology

Additional Resources

Still Suffering from Candidate Drop-Off? Download Newton’s Candidate Journey Manual

In this manual, we lay out the steps that you must take to create the ideal candidate journey. From avoiding the black hole, to meeting applicants in the cloud, we’ve got you covered! Let this be your comprehensive guide through the candidate journey.


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