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Are You Leveraging the Technology Necessary to Be an Engaged Employer?

The Modern Job Seeker Demands a New Kind of Employer

In our previous blog post, we discussed the evolution of the job seeker into the modern, “connected candidate.” In stark contrast to job seekers of the past, connected candidates have become empowered through a wave of technological innovations. No longer at the mercy of employers, these candidates now control the job search, which is carried out through several platforms and channels. In order to attract connected candidates, and successfully navigate through the intersection of talent and technology, organizations must evolve to become “engaged employers.”

What Is An Engaged Employer?

At its core, being an engaged employer is all about meeting the modern job seeker where they are at. Whether candidates are applying on your careers page, via LinkedIn or Facebook, or on other major employment sites such as our partners at Indeed, you need to offer an easy way for them to do so (on desktop, mobile, and tablet!). This is where “candidate experience” comes in. We know… how cliché. But candidate experience is overused for a reason- it really does matter.

Beyond having technology in place to fulfill the external needs of your candidates, you must also leverage technology to promote internal efficiencies within your recruiting processes. A major part of being an engaged employer has to do with proactive pipeline management through transparent and timely action and communication with candidates.

So How Do You Become an Engaged Employer?

Move to the Cloud

To keep up with the fast-paced nature of today’s hiring economy, you need a system that doesn’t require massive investments of time and resources to implement and maintain. We all love our friends in IT, but having to depend on them every step of the way creates a bottleneck that you simply can’t afford.

Luckily, HR appears to be ahead of the curve when it comes to adopting cloud technology. According to a recent study conducted by the PwC, 44% of HR departments utilize cloud-based solutions and another 30% plan to migrate to the cloud over the next 3 years.

System of Record for Candidates

One of the greatest obstacles to being an engaged employer is pipeline management. As candidates enter into your funnel, it can become overwhelming to manage their flow through the various stages of your interview process. As you lose track of candidates, it is inevitable that communication will break down as well. To be an engaged employer, you need a system of record that provides streamlined workflows for proactive pipeline management.

Seamless Online Apply Options

By way of the internet, the connected candidate has immediate access to your jobs. To effectively draw them in, the engaged employer must offer a seamless, positively branded apply process via all mediums (from your company’s careers page and social media channels to job search engines and professional networks).

This starts with a fully-branded career site on your company’s web page, as well as social recruiting capabilities. You also need job advertising integrations so that you can promote your positions to job search engines, job boards, and professional networks.

Once your jobs are out in front of candidates, remember, that the more complex your application process is, the higher the candidate drop-off rate will be. Be sure to keep your initial online application process as simple as possible to encourage candidates to apply. 

Mobile Apply

In recruiting, the revolution will not be televised, the revolution will be mobile-ized. This past year, mobile search surpassed that of desktop and by year’s end, mobile users will eclipse 207 million in the U.S. alone (2 billion globally). What’s more, 9 in 10 job seekers use mobile devices for their job search.

Considering these numbers, to be an engaged employer you need to optimize your job application process for mobile users through features such as Mobile Career Pages, Mobile Job Applications, and Cloud Apply. Furthermore, think about your own organization. Those that manage hiring and recruiting are also moving to mobile devices. For this reason, the systems that they use need full mobile recruiting functionality as well.

Connected Systems That Drive Analysis

Job candidates are literally the lifeblood of your organization, serving as the currency that fuels sustainable growth. You need systems in place that treat them as such. This means access to tools that measure your ability to build, nurture, and manage your candidate pool. Furthermore, as you promote your positions to various job advertising outlets, your systems should offer integrations that allow you to measure the ROI of your invested time and resources.

Systems that provide intuitive recruiting dashboards and analytics give you the top-level, “air traffic control” view needed to easily identify areas of optimal performance, as well as areas that can be optimized further. Through this metric-driven approach, you can take the guesswork out of recruiting and instead inform your decisions with real numbers and hard evidence.

Become an Engaged Employer With Newton’s Bootcamp

In the recruitment industry today, we find ourselves at the intersection of talent and technology. As candidates have evolved in their job search, employers must do the same to meet these job seekers where they are at. Join us for our September Bootcamp, where we will cover how to leverage the latest technology to become an engaged employer.


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